How to install operating system on pc without operating system – Easy Steps

How to install operating system on pc without operating system

How to install operating system on pc without operating system

You can follow the steps explained in this other guide that we published to detail the installation of Microsoft Windows 10 from the beginning. You just have to have an IMPORTANT consideration, and it happens that in the step where the partitions are managed, you should remove if there is any of FreeDOS built by the manufacturer. If it is a non-OS it will be empty and you can leave the default options displayed by the Microsoft configurator.

Windows ten is the much latest operating system from Microsoft till today. This OS was published in July 2015 and, since then, little by little it has been adding little by little more people thanks to being a light, usable and, above all, safe operating system. Thanks to its cumulative updates, in addition, by installing a single patch we have the possibility of having our PC in the most recent version, only having Windows 10 from scratch. There are many users who defend the use of virtual machines when it comes to having a second OS installed on the PC. And, depending on the use that we are going to make of this second OS, we may be more interested in installing it in a virtual machine. To all of the above, we must add that the coexistence of the two OS in the same device will require additional storage space.

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The graphics and motherboard drivers are also not ready for it. And that without mentioning that we will need the SATA drivers to install them in this kind of hard drives. Thus, if we count much more than 4 GB of RAM (which we sure do) use a 64-bit XP, a rather strange edition.

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If, on the other hand, what we want to do is create an installation DVD, then we need a blank disk and a DVD burner in the device. The next step is among the most essential, we are talking about entering the Windows 10 license key that is included when you buy the operating system. This key will automatically determine which version of Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro to install. The first thing the Windows 10 setup wizard asks you to do is set the language and date and currency format for Windows. Complete the data, click on Next and click on the button Arrange now to start the installation.

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So if you change any part, you will have to get another one. At the time of getting a notebook or laptop, the budget is very important. Especially today, when many developers are short on components, these kits seem to have gotten a bit more expensive. Keep in mind that it is also convenient to download all the drivers for your PC model, just in case they are needed, at the end of the Windows 10 installation.

In the dropdown that is exposed right to the side we choose the Download option. For this you must modify the priority of this boot system in the UEFI (what was previously known as BIOS) of your PC. In this, choose the language that Windows 10 will have and if it will be installed on a computer with a 32 or 64-bit architecture. Today the vast majority of processors are 64-bit, so this is going to be the most likely option.

how to install operating system on pc without operating system

In any case, we advise you to opt for signing in with the Microsoft Account. The Windows 10 setup wizard will then take care of making a succession of settings, such as the network. From here the installation media will start and you will have to continue the steps in the section Setting up the OS. Another pending issue that we must overcome to install Windows 10 from USB is to make our USB device boot before the system installed on our computer. And in any case get this boot before a hard drive you have installed. Rufus is a free program designed to easily make installation USBs for virtually any OS.

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You can do this by backing up data from a compatible version of Windows, or from scratch by managing and formatting partitions with the advanced installation. When booting, you must press the key assigned to your PC or laptop to choose which drive to boot from, and choose to boot from USB. This key depends on each PC, and can be anything from Escape to being one of the F. Come on, you won’t have to do anything in FreeDOS, but rather skip it to have it above. And now the tool will start a several minutes development, in which it will download Windows 10 and copy it to the USB stick that you have indicated.

Once we finish installing Windows 10, we will now be able to see our desktop with the trash can and, if we had previously used the operating system on another PC, its desktop background and color theme. And, in addition, we will also have to disconnect all the peripherals connected to the PC that manage to hinder the installation of the OS. And, finally, we only have to configure the different privacy options of Windows 10.

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And it is that at this point it is attractive to say that in the event that we are going to use several OS on the same computer, we install them in different partitions. In this way, we somehow separate the performance of one and the other and better organize the disk drives that we have in the computer. Although it is not a fairly common type of use, the use of several partitions and even to manage and supervise the types of data that we save on the PC’s disks, will be an enormous tool for us. Much more so when we talk about different platforms that can be started on the same PC. If we do nothing, the wizard will automatically use all the space to install Windows (and create the 500 MB recovery partition).

If we don’t know, the cheap will be expensive due to the fact that we will have to proceed to a technical service to have the OS installed. For this, we always recommend acquiring cheap Windows 10 licenses. Installing Windows 10 simple and free is possible and if you don’t believe me then keep reading. If everything is accurate, we click on “Set again” and that’s it.

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