Polsat Go vs Polsat Box Go. What do the new Polsat Plus VOD services offer?

Polsat Go vs Polsat Box Go.  What do the new Polsat Plus VOD services offer?

Polsat Plus Group has recently been undergoing a revolution. The changes concern not only visual identification, but also services. Polsat Go and Polsat Box Go are new services thanks to which customers have access to a wide range of content on demand in a paid or completely free version.

Polsat Go is popular content available free of charge

Telewizja Polsat offers many popular content. Among the new ones, it is worth mentioning, for example, the Family Food Fight format, or new seasons of popular entertainment programs, such as Ninja Warrior, Nasz Nowy Dom or Taniec z Gwiazdami. There are also content that is no longer produced, but absolutely iconic, such as the Miodowe Lata series. Not to mention legendary films such as Sami Swoi or Wanted Wanted. It is, among other things, that Polsat Go provides us with access to them.

What else does Polsat Go offer? Among other things, the possibility of watching Polsat and TV4 live television, popular cabaret programs and a large offer of sports and news programs.

What distinguishes Polsat Go is free access to content. Using the website does not require any fees, but there are advertisements on the website.

Polsat Box Go is an extensive platform that has replaced Ipla and Cyfrowy Polsat Go

Polsat Box Go is, in turn, a very extensive platform with an offer of… everything? It is difficult to mention in one sentence what we can find in a very rich offer of the website.

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Let’s start with the fact that Polsat Box Go, unlike Polsat Go, is a paid service. We will find several thematic packages in it:

  • Polsat Box Go Premium at a promotional price of PLN 30 (regular price PLN 40) per month. We will find there access to 100 TV channels, premiere access to full seasons of premium TV series by Polsat, such as, for example, Arrangement, Osaczony, Cień, or Mecenas Porada, access to American movie hits in 4K, such as Ślicznotki, Fourth Power or 1917, full seasons serials and television programs, including entertainment programs. Both from Polsat’s offer and foreign productions.
  • Polsat Box Go Sport at a promotional price of PLN 40 (regular price PLN 50) per month. We have almost everything related to sport here. At the forefront of the Football Champions League and the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, we will watch selected games in 4K quality. The package also includes Polsat Sport Premium, Eleven Sports 1-4, Eurosport 1 and 2, Extreme Sports Channel, Fight Box, Golf Channel, Fast & Fun Box and Game Toon channels.
  • Polsat Box Go HBO for PLN 25 per month. The package gives access to HBO, HBO 2, HBO 3, Cinemax, Cinemax 2, AXN, AXN Black, AXN Spin, AXN White channels, as well as a library of films, series and fairy tales for children.

In addition, we have packages intended for people living abroad, eg Polonia for PLN 45 per month (or 10 pounds, euros or dollars). The package offers access to films, series and productions of Telewizja Polsat and TV4 before their premiere on television, access to 10 TV channels and selected live sports broadcasts.

With this offer of almost everything, as you can see above, I was not wrong at all. There really is a lot to choose from. Everyone can use the Polsat Box Go offer. Existing users of Ipla and Cyfrowy Polsat Go will gain access to the website using the same login details and can use packages purchased previously (before September 1, 2021).

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How to watch Polsat Go and Polsat Box Go and what functions do the services offer?

Both services offer several ways to access. The main one is definitely the web browser. In addition, we have access to mobile applications for Android, iOS and Huawei smartphones (application available in AppGallery). There were also applications for smart TVs.

When it comes to applications, people who have used the IPLA application so far must download a new one – Polsat Box Go. For Cyfrowy Polsat Go users, the application will automatically update to the new version. The situation is similar in the case of users of EVOBOX decoders, where the update is carried out automatically. Just follow the instructions on the TV screen.

On both websites, we can create up to five separate profiles for different users. In the case of Polsat Go, we have a very useful Watch Next feature, i.e. resuming playback on any device where we finished watching. A small thing, but not always available on these types of sites. In Polsat Box Go, we also have a content recommendation, the ability to watch offline after downloading selected materials and the option of streaming the image from the phone to other devices.

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Who are Polsat Go and Polsat Box Go for?

It would be easier to say – who are they not for? Completely subjectively, the creation of two services with an almost identical appearance, but with a diversified offer, is a very good move on the part of Polsat Plus Group.

People who have their favorite, specific program, or simply looking for a return to the classics of the genre (well, who does not come back to Honey Years or Just Sami?) Can watch selected titles for free. And a few extra minutes spent on advertising is not a problem.

Users who want to have access to a wide selection of content – both live and in the VOD formula, will surely be satisfied with Polsat Box Go packages. Pre-premiere access to series, the richest sports offer, the ability to watch entire production seasons, or constant access to film hits are honey for the ears and eyes of telemaniacs.

Therefore, I can confidently recommend both Polsat Go and Polsat Box Go to everyday TV viewers, as well as those slightly more Sunday. Both sites have already landed in my tabs.

The material was created in cooperation with the Polsat Plus Group.

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