The expert predicted the fate of the main source of information for Telegram channels

MOSCOW, 23 Aug — PRIME. Channels with news in the Telegram messenger may take the place of the News section that is leaving the Yandex page, Yury Sushinov, spokesman for the National Technology Initiative (NTI), told RIA Novosti.

“Yandex” will abandon the news aggregator and will begin to develop

Earlier on Tuesday, VK and Yandex signed documents on a deal under which VK will become the owner of the Zen and Novosti content platforms and transfer the Delivery Club service to Yandex. Thus, VK will receive the rights to the technologies and trademarks of the Zen and News services, which, after the closing of the deal, will become available on the portal, where other services and the Yandex search line will also be placed.

“After the withdrawal of the Novosti service from the main page of Yandex, the Telegram messenger and its news channels, which already have millions of subscribers, will become a measure of popularity,” Sushinov said.

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He recalled that “now not only almost all media have a Telegram channel with news, but also ministries, departments, heads of regions, journalists, associations, organizations, that is, in fact, the messenger has become the second way to receive information after Yadneks.Novosti “.

“Thus, it turns out that after the departure of the main supplier of the news agenda in the form of the usual Yandex.News, users will not look for something new and will simply “move” to Telegram,” the expert believes.

He also noted that “any project aimed at copying top Yandex news is doomed to failure.”

“We are entering a new stage in the development of the media and the dissemination of news in the Russian-speaking segment, which, of course, will change a lot both in the production of news itself and in the way it is presented,” Sushinov concluded.

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