The expert said that the general “ceiling” of gas prices is a more feasible scenario

MOSCOW, September 9 — PRIME. The general gas price ceiling for suppliers to Europe sounds more rational and feasible than for Russia alone, this opinion was expressed by Valery Yemelyanov, an expert on the stock market at BCS Mir Investments, to RIA Novosti.

Romania supported the introduction of a price limit for gas from Russia

As Italy’s Minister for Ecological Transition said earlier on Friday, 15 EU countries have expressed support for a general introduction of a price ceiling on gas imports, but only three approve it in the case of supplies only from the Russian Federation. Three countries do not have prior opinions, but would like to see long-term reviews of economic sustainability. Five countries were either against or neutral.

A “common price ceiling” sounds more rational and feasible than with respect to Russia alone. In fact, it may just be some kind of common customs barrier that will equalize prices between buyers within the EU and will serve as an upper limit for importers from outside, including Russia, Norway, Britain, the United States and Arab countries,” the expert said.

Yemelyanov noted that a split is already visible between countries that can afford to choose suppliers, for example, Belgium and the Netherlands, and those that depend on Russian gas – Hungary, Austria. “The second group understands that Russia will simply cut off their supply if they try to set a price ceiling,” he added.

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At an extraordinary meeting on Friday, EU energy ministers discussed additional measures that could be taken in the EU due to high energy prices, including the possibility of imposing a price cap on Russian gas. However, this proposal did not receive wide support from EU energy ministers, Western media reported, citing diplomats.

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