The expert told what is behind the increase in energy prices in the EU

MOSCOW, August 30 – PRIME. The rise in energy prices on European exchanges is evidence of the return of market relations to this area, German Klimenko, chairman of the board of the Digital Economy Development Fund, said on the air of his author’s program on Sputnik radio.

EC wants gas price not to dominate EU electricity price

On Monday, gas prices on European stock exchanges fluctuated around $3,000 per thousand cubic meters, and the EU is going to hold an extraordinary meeting of EU ministers in charge of energy on September 9.

According to the expert, what is happening “suggests that the economy is much more complicated than it seems.” “That is, it is impossible to solve something with one action. We do one thing – many different stories immediately appear that no one thought about, which no one knew about. A typical example is the price of gas in Europe. We all look with surprise at what is happening “I’m 55, I have 25 years of banking experience, an auditing education, I somehow always found reasonable explanations. And now I see a wonderful story: it turns out that we all forgot that the market for gas, oil, energy is the same, for example , like a diamond one, which has always been tightly controlled,” Klymenko said.

He noted that about four decades ago, for residents of Western countries, the cost of heating and other housing and communal services was approximately 25-30% of income.

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“Only 40 years have passed, and thanks to the strict control of OPEC, thanks to a certain global agreement, the price of oil and gas has become controllable, and at the lowest level. And now we are witnessing an absolutely amazing experiment on humanity: how much is a person really ready to pay for heat?.. In just 40-50 years, we have changed so much in the economic sense that we forgot about those times when a bundle of firewood was a great value. Heating has always been expensive, and then everything suddenly became cheap. And now the oil industry has received carte blanche, and it turns out that market pricing for oil and gas is plunging the world into some kind of new structure,” Klymenko said.

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