The expert told why you should not accept a phone as a gift

MOSCOW, 30 Sep — PRIME. The threat of being eavesdropped on personal or business conversations almost always exists. It is not so easy to detect wiretapping “out of curiosity” or for selfish purposes, therefore it is better to refuse unexpectedly donated devices, Sergey Bodrov, head of the Center for Digital Expertise of Roskachestvo, told the Prime agency.

The Russians were told how to identify wiretapping through a smartphone

According to him, you should not accept gifts in the form of gadgets from unfamiliar people. If such a gift has already been accepted, you should not use this device. The fact is that wiretapping can be installed on it.

“If a pro has worked, then only a specialist will detect the bug, but if an amateur hacker with a minimum of knowledge took up the matter, it will be easier to suspect something was wrong,” he explained.

Signs that your device is wiretapped can be signs such as a quick discharge of the gadget, a strong heating of the phone during a conversation, or the appearance of applications on the device that you did not install.

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The interlocutor of the agency also recalled that it is possible to reduce the risks of infection with spyware by installing applications only from official sources. “Keep track of what permissions you give to installed programs. Regularly check the list of applications. If you find new or unfamiliar ones among them, this is a reason to think. Do not give your phone into the wrong hands, even if you are asked to “make just one call.” Use an antivirus, and it is better to transfer confidential information face-to-face, and not by phone,” the speaker listed.

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