The media learned about the intention of the authorities to raise taxes for exporters of raw materials

MOSCOW, 20 Sep — PRIME. The government is studying the possibility of raising taxes for exporters of raw materials and will discuss this issue at a meeting on September 20, Kommersant reports, citing sources.

The Ministry of Finance said that they do not plan systemic changes in the severance tax

It is expected that thanks to this measure, the federal budget will be able to receive an additional three trillion within three years only from oil and gas companies, while the bulk of the additional income will come from the export duty on pipeline gas. The increase will also affect exporters of coal, oil and fertilizers.

According to the newspaper, the government’s initiative can be implemented through a differentiated rate. In this case, if the gas price exceeds $300 per thousand cubic meters, the duty will rise to 50% compared to the current level of 30%.

It is also the first time the government has seriously discussed seizing revenues from liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporters, but it is not yet clear in what form, sources say. It is assumed that for this purpose they will introduce a duty on LNG exports, which will bring the state budget 200 billion rubles a year. In addition, the possibility of increasing the MET for all gas producers is being considered.

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The newspaper also noted that the Ministry of Finance proposes to increase the export duty on oil in 2023 by about 1.5 times and extend the effect of the adjusted damper on gasoline for 2023-2025. These measures are expected to bring the budget an additional 430 billion rubles annually.

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