The Mercedes-AMG Project One supercar has hit the streets

The Project One supercar from Mercedes-AMG is by far the craziest project in its history. Today I am writing about it because it went to the streets as part of one of the last tests before it officially went on sale.

The engine configuration used in the Mercedes-AMG Project One is by far the most important feature. There were not one, not two, not even three, but all four engines on board. Two electric drives drive the front wheels, and an electric duo with a 1.6-liter turbo-charged V6 takes care of disassembling the rear wheels. The uniqueness of Project One is also visible in the applied solutions known from the technology present on board cars participating in Formula 1 races. This supercar was borrowed from them, among others. the aforementioned engine straight from racing cars.

It was he who was the biggest problem of the engineers working on Project One. They had to provide him with adequate durability on long routes, for which it was not created. However, it seems that they have achieved their goal and the supercar presented in 2017 is already heading towards the final version. Mercedes-AMG has not released the official specification so far, but 1,000 horsepower is a real minimum. Just like the 1500 lb. ground pressure, thanks to special “aerodynamic” extras. The price of one copy of Project One is expected to be $ 2.7 million, which will probably not prevent the planned circulation of 275 copies from dispersing in the blink of an eye.

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Source: Digitaltrends