The Swedish Security Service will begin an investigation into leaks at Nord Stream

MOSCOW, 28 Sep — PRIME. The investigation of gas leaks from the Nord Stream gas pipelines in Sweden has been transferred to the security service, since the case may be aimed at Swedish interests, the involvement of foreign states is not ruled out, the security service said in a statement.

Russia will convene a meeting of the UN Security Council because of the situation with Nord Stream

“The Swedish security service has taken over the criminal investigation into the Nord Stream events from the Swedish police. The crime that is currently being investigated is a gross sabotage. The investigation is being conducted by the Swedish security service, since this could be a serious crime, which, at least to some extent, affects the interests of Sweden, and it cannot be ruled out that foreign forces are behind the case,” the statement said.

On Monday, incidents occurred simultaneously on two Russian export gas pipelines to Europe. According to information from the authorities of Denmark and Sweden, two gas leaks were discovered at Nord Stream and one at Nord Stream 2 near the island of Bornholm. Germany, Denmark and Sweden do not rule out targeted sabotage. The Danish authorities have notified Russia that explosions have been recorded at the leak sites. The operator of Nord Stream, Nord Stream AG, reported that the incidents on gas pipelines are unprecedented, and it is impossible to estimate the timing of repairs.