The ten-day course rule: Why HODL bitcoin is the best strategy

The ten-day course rule Why HODL bitcoin is the best strategy

Bitcoin shows its best / worst side again in the last few days. The price goes up and down and every time you think that the perfect buying moment has been reached, the price drops a little further. You could also have opted to exchange your bitcoin for altcoins to gather more satoshis.

Bitcoin hodl is the best strategy

Tom Lee, however, thinks that holding bitcoin is a better strategy. He Tweette namely a reminder that bitcoin makes the biggest jumps, during ten days a year. And you don’t want to miss those ten days.

Before everyone starts freaking out whether crypto winter is over, remember the @fundstrat “Rule of 10 best days” (rule # 6)

– ex-10 best days, #bitcoin down 25% per year. All the gains come in 10 days. Are you that good at trading?

PS: we believe $ BTC is weak in trendless macro.

– Thomas Lee (@fundstrat) September 28, 2019

Every year 25 percent less worth

Moreover, he claims that if you exclude these ten best days, bitcoin will be worth 25 percent less every year since 2013.

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He gives a good example: in the crypto winter of 2018 it felt as if the bitcoin course was constantly dropping. But even on the best ten days of 2018, bitcoin still rose by 66 percent.

In 2017 the rate rose by no less than 1136 percent! But if you get the best ten days from here, then bitcoin has “only” risen 232 percent (where can we draw?). In that respect, 2013 and 2014 are better examples. Bitcoin grew by 660 percent in 2013, but without those ten days, bitcoin lost 199 percent overall. A year later it is 133 percent.

Advice: HODL to deal with those ten days

Lee says that on average, without the ten best days, bitcoin is worth 25 percent less. In other words, if you don’t HODL your portfolio during the ten best days of the year, you lose 25 percent in value.

This is very similar to stock trading. Here too, if an investor does not hold his shares for the best ten days, he or she loses between 5.4 and 9.2 percent.

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Bitcoin is currently worth EUR 7,650. Compared to yesterday’s lowest point, that is an increase of no less than ten percent!

Have we had one of the best ten days of the year?

You can of course only answer this question at the end of the year. But looking back at the first 9 months, 7 days stand out.

  • April 2: 19.4 percent
  • 11 May: 17.7 percent
  • May 13: 18.4 percent
  • May 19: 15.7 percent
  • June 26: 18.9 percent
  • July 2: 13.3 percent
  • July 18: 16 percent

It seems that the ten percent of the last 24 hours at the end of 2019 will not be remembered as one of the ten best days of the year.

Disclaimer: The advice in this article comes from Thomas Lee, a fund manager. This is not a trade advice from BTC Direct or BTC Nieuws. We recommend that you invest only an amount that you are willing to lose. In our opinion, an investment in bitcoin is one of the most interesting you can ever do, but at the same time one of the riskiest.

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