The thief who stole cryptocurrencies for $ 15,000 accidentally wrote a letter to the police

Connecticut U.S. police found a cryptocurrency stolen suspect for $ 15,000 after a thief accidentally sent an apology letter not to the victim, but to the investigative detective.

The theft occurred in April. Darren Carter, a New Jersey resident, stole a mobile phone from a Connecticut resident. Later, with his help, Carter transferred to himself $ 15,472 cryptocurrencies from the victim’s Coinbase wallet. Carter was able to convert funds into US dollars and withdraw them to a PayPal account.

It is interesting that conscience was tortured later by the attacker and he decided to send an apology letter to the victim, but mixed up the address and the letter arrived to the detective conducting the investigation. Moreover, the police, who arrived to arrest Carter, found that he was already in prison in Salem County for crimes not related to cryptocurrencies. But law enforcement officers were able to gain access to the thief’s PayPal account and return the stolen money.

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Note that recently the London Arbitration Court, part of the High Court of England, recognized
Bitcoin is legal property. The decision was made as part of a hearing on the theft of 100 BTC.