“This is a set-up”: the Chinese were outraged by Sweden’s decision on Nord Stream

MOSCOW, 4 Oct — PRIME. Users of the Chinese news portal Guancha accused the Swedish authorities of attempting to deceive due to the blocking of the sea space in the emergency area on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines, built by Russia to export hydrocarbons to Germany.

The media revealed the purpose of sabotage at Nord Stream

According to readers, Sweden’s actions can be explained by an attempt to join NATO. Therefore, writes one of the users, this Scandinavian country “it’s time to prove their loyalty: destroy some evidence and plant others!”

“You think too well of them. They will not only get rid of the evidence, but frame Russia!” adds another reader.

“Results of the investigation: Russia blew it up. The investigator received the Nobel Prize in Science Fiction,” jokes a third.

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According to another reader, if Moscow does not take part in the investigation, then this will become “obvious fraud.”

“The prime suspects are the United States, Great Britain and Poland,” readers conclude, adding that it was Washington and London that certainly acted. However, in their opinion, Sweden is the country that initiated the start of the procedure for joining the NATO military alliance. Therefore, “Stockholm” will soon be able to “find evidence” of Russia’s involvement,” readers note.

The day before, on October 3, representatives of the Swedish prosecutor’s office reported that the maritime space had been cordoned off in the area of ​​a leak from gas pipelines. According to the structure, this is necessary for the conduct of a criminal investigation. Earlier it was reported that from September 1 to September 3, the Baltic Sea near the island of Bornholm, where an emergency occurred on gas pipelines, was circling by a US Navy helicopter. Later, on September 10 and 19, they repeated flights over the gas pipelines. Then the Americans were in the explosion zone on the night of September 22-23 and September 25-26. In all cases, the trajectories of the US military speak of flights over a certain area of ​​the water area.

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State of emergency at the Nord Streams were identified last Monday, September 26, in four places at once. According to Nord Stream AG, the operator of the first Nord Stream, this is an unprecedented accident and it is impossible to estimate the timing of pipeline repairs. The authorities of Germany and Denmark stated that sabotage could serve as the cause of the emergency. The Kremlin called the situation with SP and SP2 an act of international terrorism. As Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “sanctions are not enough for the Anglo-Saxons,” so they began to destroy the pan-European energy infrastructure.

Location of a leak in a pipeline

Krasnov named those responsible for the destruction of the Nord Streams

Earlier on Tuesday, October 4, the Swedish Coast Guard reported that a gas leak at Nord Stream 2 was continuing. This pipeline was never put into operation and gas supplies to Germany – as planned during the construction of the facility – did not occur. However, last autumn, at the final stage of work, technical gas was pumped into the pipe to create the pressure necessary for the export of raw materials.

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