This VR headset does not require a computer for a fortune

This VR headset does not require a computer for a fortune

Oculus Quest may turn out to be both a big flop and a phenomenal step forward in the VR market. All because this VR set does not require a computer for a fortune. In fact, it does not need anything to act.

The recently presented Oculus Quest will free users not only from the ubiquitous cables, but also from the need to have powerful equipment right next to it. The new Oculus wireless equipment will be a kind of successor to the Oculus GO, but it will not even require a smartphone to operate. Nay! The set also includes two controllers that provide full-fledged experience with sets intended for PC or console.

Under its “hood” there will be a SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, 64 GB of mass memory and two screens with a total resolution of 3200 x 2880 (1600 x 1440 per eye). It will also have the 6DOF system and Insight technology, which allowed the manufacturer to abandon additional sensors in favor of four sensors and algorithms. Such a combination is said to provide a precise determination of the player’s position.

The most important, however, is the price of Oculus Quest, which promises to be surprisingly low. It will debut in spring 2019 and should be available in Poland (after adding VAT) for around PLN 1,900. This is a relatively small amount, because it provides all the necessary equipment, not part of it. The question is, will these 50 games announced on the day of release will run smoothly and in good quality….

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