Thousands of new IONITY charging stations in Europe for 700 million euros

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Representatives of the European charging network IONITY have announced that, thanks to the support of some of the largest car manufacturers and BlackRock, they will transfer an investment of EUR 700 million to thousands of new charging stations in Europe.

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Several thousand new IONITY charging stations will be built in Europe over the next four years

IONITY is an ultra-fast charging network founded in Europe as a joint venture between BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor and Volkswagen Group, recently joined by the Hyundai Motor Group. Thanks to this, we can charge practically all new BEVs from these companies, but IONITY chargers are still missing, because 1,500 copies in 24 European countries do not make a great impression.

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However, according to the announcements, only by 2025 the IONITY company will more than quadruple the number of its points. An increase from 1,500 to as many as 7,000 charging stations will come into play and it looks like it pays off, and customers have not turned away from it after changing the charging rate from 8 euros per session to billing “per kWh” in early 2020, which increased the final prices of charging some vehicles at these stations by up to 500%.

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