Turkey to secure new gas hub

ANKARA, Oct 14 – PRIME. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara will ensure the safety of the project to create a new gas hub.

Russia and Turkey will start negotiations on a gas hub, a source said

“Of course, we are taking all kinds of steps in the field of security, providing what is required, continuing our work accordingly,” he told reporters.

The politician noted that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin have already instructed the delegations to begin work on the implementation of the initiative as soon as possible. From Turkey, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources will take over the work. The competent departments will find the most suitable place for the construction of the distribution center, Erdogan specified and suggested that the Thrace region in the European part of Turkey could become such a place.

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According to him, the head of “Gazprom” Alexei Miller also received instructions on the implementation of the project.

“Now our friends will start working by meeting each other,” Erdogan added.

Putin and Erdogan held talks in Astana, during which the head of the Russian Federation told his colleague about the idea of ​​creating a gas hub in Turkey to sell fuel to third countries and determine prices. The Presidents instructed to work out this issue in detail and promptly.

The proposal itself was worked out within the framework of the Russian Energy Week. Speaking at the forum, Putin said that Russia could move gas transit from Nord Stream to the Black Sea region and Turkey.

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