Valve is already thinking about its next-gen Steam Deck. 4K in the game?

Valve is already thinking about its next-gen Steam Deck.  4K in the game?

The dust after Steam Deck has yet to settle, as the media has only just been able to lay their hands on it, and the lucky few will not get their copies until December this year. However, for Valve’s next-generation Steam Deck is already something that can clearly be released.

The next-gen Steam Deck is apparently already in the plans, but it’s far from even the concept phase

As a giant in the market, Valve has tremendous revolutionary potential by wielding huge budgets and industry professionals. It was evident in Steam Link, Steam Controller, VR sets, or even special computers that we almost forgot, and today after Steam Deck. Console / laptop to provide us with access to your Steam account and game library outside the main PC. Valve is probably researching this market and if it turns out to be lucrative for the company, we will see a successor to Steam Deck sooner rather than later.

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The company’s designer, Greg Coomer, already said something about it in an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun. According to him, while it could improve its Steam Deck “every three months” (like smartphones), it obviously won’t, but the company “looks to the future because it believes this product line will have a long lifespan.” According to him, the initial plans for Steam Deck 2 are already there, but the design and general idea are still missing.

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At the moment, the next-gen Steam Deck is even far from the prototype phase, but if it has a final project, it may surprise us. Although its first release was not created with high definition in mind, its next iteration could even target 4K “in a year or two” thanks to technological advancements. It is worth recalling here that although the screen of this equipment is only 1280 x 800 px, after connecting it to a larger screen, you will be able to squeeze a higher resolution, but at the expense of liquidity.

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