Viber plans to promote the Rakuten token globally

Viber plans to promote the Rakuten token globally

According to CEO Viber, the company will work on promoting Rakuten cryptocurrency, developed by the parent company of the messaging application. Viber was acquired by the Japanese company Rakuten in 2014 and currently has one billion users worldwide.

Last year, CEO Viber claimed that the Rakuten token will be released in Russia in 2019. The cryptocurrency should have been available in the in-app wallet, and users would be able to convert it into rubles, dollars or euros.

“Rakuten has announced plans to launch cryptocurrency in Japan and we will expand its use worldwide later. There are some legal issues that we need to consider, because different countries have different regulations. Now it is only available in Japan, but we are ready to introduce it in other countries, “

said the executive director of Viber.

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Facebook claims it may not be able to launch Libra

Facebook has expressed pessimism about the cryptocurrency Libra, saying it may not be able to launch it. In its quarterly report released on Monday, Facebook said it could not guarantee Libra would be released as planned in 2020.

“The acceptance by the market of such a currency is subject to significant uncertainty. As such, we cannot provide assurances that Libra or our related products and services will be launched in a timely manner or even that they may be launched. We have no significant prior experience with digital currencies or blockchain technology, which may adversely affect our ability to successfully develop and market these products and services. “

Galaxy S10 integrates the PundiX crypto wallet

Blockchain smartphone makers Samsung and Pundi X have announced a collaboration in the field of cryptocurrencies. The PundiX wallet has been integrated with Samsung’s blockchain wallet, so Xwallet is available in the Galaxy S10.

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S10 users who add XWallet to the Samsung Blockchain wallet will be able to move cryptocurrencies between the two applications. Pundi X suggests that users can use Samsung’s wallet to store cryptocurrencies securely, “as a savings account” and move them to the XWallet “expense account” for use in payments.

XWallet is also connected to XPASS, the NFC crypto debit card released by Pundi X.

Bitflyer launches an exchange platform for Europe

Japan-based bitFlyer has announced the purchase and sale of Bitcoin for its European users. The new trading platform called BitFlyer Buy / Sell is expected to be faster than traditional exchanges and has a limit of 20 BTC. Bitflyer will not charge commissions, but will offer different prices for sale and purchase.

Under European law, users of the new platform will have to go through a KYC / AML verification process.

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