Watch how the anti-tank RK-3 Corsair destroys the Russian BTR

The Ukrainian anti-tank Korsarz systems can fire both RK-3K and RK-3OF missiles with a diameter of 107 mm, with a range of 100 to 2,500 meters. They are able to destroy low-flying helicopters, older tanks or just armored personnel carriers, against which they have just proven their effectiveness.

The Corsair is a Ukrainian anti-tank system that works perfectly with Russian BTRs

According to the latest information, which seems to be confirmed by the recording below, at the very beginning of June, a Ukrainian brigade in the Kherson Oblast received at least one Russian APC. It is an undefined variant of the BTR, the family of armored personnel carriers that has been used by Russia for decades. These are increasingly appearing on the front, as evidenced by more and more of their damage.

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In the above video, we can see not so much the moment of destruction as confirmation of the hit and significant damage that the RK-3 Korsarz caused to the Russian BTR. Light armor designed to deal with shells of 12.7 mm caliber with a special anti-tank shell designed to destroy such targets has clashed here.

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