Wintershall Dea and Equinor agree to store German CO2 in Norway

MOSCOW, August 30 – PRIME. Germany’s Wintershall Dea and Norway’s Equinor have agreed to implement a joint carbon capture and storage (CCS) project to transport CO2 from Germany and store it on the Norwegian continental shelf, Equinor’s press office said.

Equinor’s net income tripled in the first half of the year

“The Norwegian-German… CCS project aims to make a vital contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Europe by creating a value chain and infrastructure for the safe transport, injection and storage of CO2 in suitable reservoirs on the Norwegian continental shelf… The partnership aims to connect Germany, the largest emitter of CO2 in Europe, and Norway, which has Europe’s largest CO2 storage potential.

The press service of Equinor emphasized the plans of the companies to build by 2032 a pipeline with a length of about 900 kilometers, which will connect a CO2 collection center in northern Germany and storage facilities in Norway. Its capacity should be 20-40 million tons of CO2 per year, which, according to Equinor, is equivalent to about 20% of all German industrial emissions annually. As noted in the message, the project can be launched earlier, before the completion of the pipeline. In this case, it is planned to transport CO2 to storage sites on ships.

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Besides. Wintershall Dea and Equinor intend to submit a joint application for offshore CO2 storage licenses to store between 15 and 20 million tons per year on the Norwegian continental shelf.

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