You will be amazed with the new Lenovo ThinkBook Plus

Awesome Screenshot x
Awesome Screenshot

Currently it seems that by now you have seen everything, but there is always something new, and in this case you will hallucinate a lot with the new Lenovo ThinkBook Plus.

We have already seen some other laptop models where they incorporated a touch screen in the outer area of ​​the laptop case, for example with a electronic ink panel, thus being able to use the laptop as a book for readings.

But this today is very new in the laptop segment and frankly we think you will be amazed by the new Lenovo ThinkBook Plus.

The information on this laptop has been filtered by the user @evleaks on Twitter, where he has shown what would be the newest laptop in ultra-wide format that incorporates a color digital tablet intended for graphic design.

Although the information except the images is null for the moment, we want to think that this screen can not only be used for design, because we believe that it can be given multiple uses, such as using it as a second screen to monitor any program, and who knows what plus.

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For our part we hope that Lenovo will officially present this new laptop in the next CES 2022 which will take place the first week of January 2022. And if so, we will show you all the information about it and what the brand announces.