18 minutes of gameplay tactical RPG King Arthur Knight’s Tale

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In a few hours, the release of the turn-based tactical role-playing game King Arthur Knight’s Tale, in connection with which the IGN publication, using its colossal authority in the world of game journalism, published an 18-minute video demonstrating the gameplay in the introductory part of the game. Simply put, we were shown the first 18 minutes of the game, so as not to create unnecessary “spoilers”, and to show the gameplay

Recall that in King Arthur Knight’s Tale we play as the resurrected knight of the Round Table Mordred, known as a traitor to King Arthur and a participant in the duel, as a result of which the king killed Mordred, but he himself received mortal wounds. Thanks to the sorcery of the Lady of the Lake, both participants in the duel returned to life, and now Mordred is faced with the task of completing what he failed to do the first time – to kill the king.

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Initially, King Arthur Knight’s Tale was supposed to be released in mid-January, but at the last moment the developers decided to postpone the release: they desperately did not have enough time to fully “polish” the project. So if today the game suddenly turns out to be flooded with errors, then the developers will no longer have an excuse.