$ 50 million investment fund

$ 50 million investment fund

Blockchain.com is planning an investment fund for start-ups

According to a report published by Yahoo Finance, Blockchain.com is planning a $ 50 million investment fund. The money would be invested in different start-ups in the crypto ecosystem, to diversify the company’s activity.

Currently, most of Blockchain.com’s profits come from ads built into the company’s blockchain. It is also the largest provider of crypto wallets in the world, with a user base of 40 million.

In July, the company also launched a crypto exchange called “The Pit”.

Crypto companies in the Netherlands must register with the Central Bank

The Dutch Central Bank has taken a stand on crypto companies, citing the new anti-money laundering laws of the European Union.

Starting with January 10, 2020, companies or individuals involved in converting cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies or offering crypto deposit services will be required to register with the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).

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The rule applies to all companies operating in the Netherlands, regardless of whether they are registered in the country or not.

The DNB explained that this rule is due to the implementation of the fifth EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD 5). Crypto companies will have six months to register voluntarily, and after the expiration of the period, those who have not registered will be forced to close their business in the Netherlands.

Controversies in the Ripple community

The Ripple community is once again in a period of controversy, after Ripple started moving massive funds. Ripple has blocked XRP 55 billion, with the right to unlock and sell up to 1 billion coins each month.

Over the past few days, hundreds of millions of XRP installments have been transferred between portfolios, and the community has seen this as a betrayal, which may result in the XRP falling.

The Ripple project has also faced centralization charges in the past, as the issuing company controls an imported number of cryptocurrencies.

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XRP is one of the worst performing cryptocurrencies this year, recording a nearly 30% drop in price in 2019.

BitMEX accuses Binance of plagiarizing documentation of futures contracts

With the launch of the selection contest for its future futures contract platform, Binance has been hit by plagiarism allegations. Specifically, the documentation for one of the platform versions is an almost perfect copy of the BitMEX documents. Apparently, this was taken over by Binance from the recently acquired JEX start-up.

Congrats on the Testnet Futures launches @binance. Glad to see you enjoyed reading our documentation as much as we enjoyed writing it! pic.twitter.com/lLzcLcX6t4

– BitMEX (@BitMEXdotcom) September 4, 2019

BitMEX posted on Twitter the message “Congratulations on launching Testnet Futures, Binance. We are glad to see that you liked our documentation as much as we liked writing it! ”. The attached documents clearly show that the texts are taken up almost word for word.

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Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao responded immediately, acknowledging the mistake, and replied “Let us be ashamed!” He later explained that they did not check the documentation of the JEX platform for plagiarism.

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