80-plus gold 600 W output – power supplies up to $118

80Plus Gold ab 60 Euro im Test: be quiet!, BoostBoxx, Corsair und NZXT im Schlagabtausch

Highly efficient 600 W output power from Amazon is available for just $118. be quiet !, Corsair and NZXT justify higher prices with higher quality components, modular cables, quieter operation, full protection circuits and offering a manufacturer’s guarantee. In the test, this is worth the surcharge.

80Plus Gold for $118

80Plus gold power supplies are available in every configuration. The four models tested are certified according to this level of efficiency, but each has its own individual properties. The German manufacturer of gaming systems amazon defines the cheapest entry with the Power Boost 600W, which, however, has to do without modular cable management at a retail price of $118.00. be quiet! upgrades the Pure Power series from an efficiency of 80Plus Silver to 80Plus Gold. Corsair is renewing the almost three-year-old RM550x, which is primarily cheaper without sacrificing performance or quality. NZXT wants to distinguish itself in the power supply market by the diagnostic and control software CAM can now also communicate with the power supply.

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Known technology reheated

The technical platforms of all four test models are already known from previous tests, which can reduce development effort and the risk of failure. While be quiet! and Corsair, with the help of their own development team, coordinating adjustments to their needs, Amazon and NZXT must trust the goodwill of contract manufacturers.

The details of the test methodology, the test station used, the electrical measurements and the sound pressure level measurements can also be read separately in this case in the article “How BitcoinMinersHashrate tests power supplies”. The power supply ranking list with the best list offers a constantly updated overview of recommended power supplies.

Technical key data in comparison

The only specification that is identical for all four test models is the efficiency certification according to 80Plus Gold. According to this, at least an efficiency of 90% at half load is promised if an input voltage of 115 volts is present. Even better efficiency can be expected when operating in the domestic 230-volt network.

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There are fundamental differences in the configuration of the cable equipment. The Corsair and NZXT cable set can be completely removed from the power supply. With the be-quiet! Power supply, the modularity of the 24-pin ATX and 8-pin EPS connection has to be dispensed with, with Amazon even completely modular cable management. By dispensing with removable cables, however, a particularly compact housing with a depth of only 140 mm was made possible. At 160 mm, the Pure Power 11 500W CM and the RM550x are the deepest. Corsair has used the additional space to install a fan larger with 135 mm edge length, while the three other manufacturers rely on 120 mm fans.

NZXT E500 CAM software - "Power supply" tab, "Basic" section
Documented protective circuits
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