85% of the total of 21 million Bitcoin have been mined so far

85% of the total of 21 million Bitcoin have been mined so Far

On August 1, 85% of the total Bitcoin was mined, according to blockchain monitoring data. The miners extracted a total of 17,850,000 units as part of the transaction validation process. By 2140 the remaining 3.15 million BTC will be mined.

85% of Bitcoin was mined

During the day, the BTC price again tested the $ 10,000 threshold, after almost two weeks of fluctuations around $ 9500. Overall, market sentiment remains positive.

Kraken exchange acquires Interchange

Kraken Exchange has acquired Interchange, a portfolio monitoring service provider for institutional investors in cryptocurrencies. The company currently has over 60 institutional clients using Interchange software.

Kraken will combine the Interchange tools with its existing platform, Cryptowatch, a portfolio charting, trading and tracking service.

The combined tools from Interchange and Cryptowatch will provide institutional clients with products that cover historical and real-time data, advanced charts, multi-exchange business execution, market and research information, accounting and portfolio reconciliation tools, and products with crypto index.

NBA launches crypto-collectibles

The National Basketball Association of the United States (NBA) has partnered with Dapper Labs, the creator of CryptoKitties, to launch a new game of crypto-collectibles.

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The game, called NBA Top Shot, will be released in early 2020. Fans will be able to collect relevant clips from NBA matches, which can then be used to build teams or be traded.

Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs, said:

“The NBA and its players are extremely popular in global culture […] Through NBA Top Shot basketball fans can interact with their favorite players, teams and teams in entirely new ways. We use the latest blockchain technology to create assets and experiences that are guaranteed in limited edition and authentic, using a completely new digital method. ”

The slander trial Craig Wright v Roger Ver rejected by the British courts

A British judge has dismissed the slander trial against Roger Ver suing Craig Wright.

Wright claimed that Ver defamed him in a YouTube video released in mid-April, in which Ver denounced Wright’s claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

The judge said Wright did not provide sufficient justification for his reputation to be harmed.

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The lawsuit against Ver is not the only dispute Wright has filed. He accused the slanderer and podcaster Peter McCormick. He threatened to sue ethics creator Vitalik Buterin and John McAfee.

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