AMD Radeon VII arrives at the test lab

During this year’s CES trade show, AMD surprised by unveiling a new graphics card in the worst – class for consumers. On the menu was the Radeon VII with the graphics circuit Vega 20 under the hood, which also happens to be the world’s first manufactured at 7 nanometers. The circuit is accompanied by 16 GB of HBM2 memory, which on a 4,096-bit bus can offer a record-breaking memory bandwidth of 1 TB / s.

The Radeon VII is clad in an aluminum housing and is cooled by three 80 mm fans


The back of the card is equipped with a solid cover plate, also made of aluminum


The card lacks RGB lighting, but details such as the logo shine in red


Picture outputs are available in the form of three Display ports and one HDMI port


Vega 20 (Radeon VII) on the left, Vega 10 (Radeon Vega 64) on the right

The launch of the Radeon VII is nailed down to February 7, and before that, the card is starting to appear in the cabins of the technology press, including SweClocker’s test lab. The editorial staff is currently in full swing testing the performance of the new flagship to see if AMD can take on Nvidia’s equally priced model Geforce RTX 2080.

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