Another Satoshi Nakamoto will talk about his million bitcoins and numerology tonight

Another Satoshi Nakamoto will talk about his million bitcoins and numerology tonight

Last Sunday, another anonymous proclaimed himself the creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto and promised to reveal his identity on August 20. And tonight, he’ll talk about the allegedly BTC million owned by him.

On its website, the newly-minted “Bitcoin creator” announced that Nakamoto’s identity would be revealed in three stages. At the first stage, the creator of the site already “revealed” several previously unknown facts about the creation of the first cryptocurrency.

In the second stage of the publication, which is scheduled for 23:00 Moscow time today, the newly-minted Satoshi Nakamoto will talk about the strong influence of Chaldean numerology on his life and the creation of bitcoin, as well as the fact that he owns almost a million bitcoins.

And finally, at the third stage, another day later – that is, at 23:00 Moscow time on Tuesday, the next applicant promised to reveal his true identity.

The already “disclosed” information contains several interesting points, in particular, the fact that Bitcoin was created in the UK. However, this “candidate” for some reason appoints the US Eastern Time. In addition, the “candidate” demonstrated a pair of old laptops, on one of which the first blocks were mined, and on the other the code of the first versions of Bitcoin was written.

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A considerable part of the text is dedicated to the cooperation of this Satoshi with cryptographer Hal Finney, who became the recipient of the first transaction in bitcoins:

“When I came to the UK in 2005, not a single bank allowed me to open an account, since I did not have a permanent address in the country. I could not use the vast majority of services in the UK without a bank account and could not think of a way around this. Hal Finney and I decided to develop a peer-to-peer e-currency system – then there was still no name for bitcoin. And in 2006-2008 we did it. Moreover, Hal was a true adherent of cyberpunk, the success of our creation was not important to him, but I wanted to make Bitcoin a commercial product. ”

The man who called himself Satoshi Nakamoto said that initially the pseudonym did not have a second part and he always called himself simply “Satoshi”, and it was Hal Finney who invented the part “Nakamoto”. He emphasized that he considers Hal to be a real genius and very regrets that Hal Finney died in 2014. In his opinion, he should do something that will allow people to remember what Finney did.

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Before the announcement of the name of the next contender for fame Satoshi Nakamoto, a little more than a day is left. Of course, most of the cryptocurrency community considers him another impostor. The only and undeniable evidence that can convince all skeptics is the transaction with the first blocks of Bitcoin, which were indisputably obtained by Satoshi himself. But this is unlikely to happen tonight – we will see only another fascinating story about why access to them was lost.

So far, the most “popular” of the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto is Craig Wright, who even reported
that the US Copyright Office “recognized” him as the author of the original White Paper and “most of the source code” of Bitcoin. However, after two weeks he appeared
copyright registration rival. And now the queue for the “vacant” place of Satoshi has replenished with another candidate, whose identity we will soon find out. It will not be surprising to file lawsuits and a long lawsuit for the recognition of Satoshi between these applicants. The community will receive, at best, another occasion for jokes.

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