Antminer S9 – Hashrate| Profitability| Setting Up| Overview

ASIC Antminer S9 Hashrate – Overview Setting Up Profitability

Find all you need to know about ASIC Antminer S9 regarding its Hashrate, profitability, payback period, specifications and all the vital information before you consider buying one.

Antminer S9 Hashrate - Overview Setting Up and Profitability

Bitcoin Hashrate network is constantly growing, as a result, the level of complexity of mining cryptocurrency increases. Using a video card or a central processor to extract BTC is considered to be ineffective. The most rational solution is ASIC mining. The Antminer S9 (TH / s) integrated circuit is considered one of the most powerful devices available today.

Bitmain is one of the most popular manufacturers of cryptocurrency equipment. The organization was established in 2013, the main office is located in Beijing. At the beginning of 2016, official information appeared on the release date of the S9 model. Literally in half a year everyone could purchase this equipment.

The manufacturer Antminer claims that it is the model in question that is the most effective asik device for extracting cryptocurrency Bitkion and BCH coins. What is S9 and what are the strengths of this integrated circuit? To get an answer to this question, we will carefully analyze the technical characteristics, features of cooling and the payback period of the equipment.

Antminer S9 Specification and Features

Employees of the company Bitmain miner S9 was created as an energy efficient device for mining digital currencies that operate on the basis of the SHA-256 algorithm. The key direction is mining the BTC and BCH coins.

Ashika case is made of aluminum. Radiators are located in front and behind the rectangular device. This design provides the most efficient ventilation of key components. The remains of thermal energy are removed by an air stream, at the same time the minimum quantity of coolers is involved.

Antminer S9 Specification and Features

The upper part of the device is designed to connect an Ethernet cable, there are also LED indicators and a slot for an SD card. Inside the case, there are processor boards connected to the BM-1387 chips. Near the boards there are coolers that provide proper cooling.

Specifications S19 – is one of the main advantages of the device. The weight, width and dimensions of the Antminer remain insignificant, while the equipment is equipped with hardware components with the highest power level. The miner is capable of producing about 14 TH / s, consuming 1300 W of electricity.

The optimal calculation speed of hash-algorithms is provided through the use of 16-PM chips. 189 chips are distributed on three processor boards, which give out a fantastic hashrate. There are no analogs for this miner power.

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Semiconductor reduction technology to increase energy efficiency and power has reached its limit. The speed of information transfer has grown so much that it has reached physical limits, so Moore’s law no longer works.

What processor is installed in miner S 9 ? This model is equipped with a 16nm processor, which is the best analog 28nm. The developers are seriously talking about the appearance of ASIC devices with 10nm processors in the near future, but in any case, some time will be required for testing, so such equipment, if it appears, will be closer to the end of 2018.

An overview of the key benefits of Antminer S9:

  • highest energy efficiency
  • work offline
  • productive cooling to prevent overheating,
  • intuitive system settings
  • adaptation to various operating systems, including Linux,
  • unpretentiousness to environmental conditions,
  • Bitmain’s powerful power adapter
  • comprehensive firmware upgrade.

If necessary, the user will be able to combine several miners into a full-fledged farm. Certain flaws in the operation of ASIC devices are also found. For example, equipment emits considerable noise. This is explained by the fact that initially this model was intended for use in industrial buildings, but then the scope of use was changed, but the noise level remained the same.

It is advisable to install Asik in a separate room with a tight-fitting door. You can also reduce noise by replacing radiators. The second drawback is that users may have difficulty with the compatibility of equipment with some pools.

Price Antminer S9 and where to buy?

ASIC Antminer S9 mining equipment can be purchased in several ways. The most economical, but not the easiest option – order from the manufacturer. The difficulty lies in the fact that this is a Chinese company, respectively, there may be difficulties with delivery. Secondly, the manufacturer is focused on wholesale sales. Thirdly, it works mainly on pre-order.

Price Antminer S9 and where to buy

If you buy from the manufacturer, the Antminer S9 will cost you about $ 1000. Cost may vary depending on the configuration. To make a purchase, go to the official Bitmain website, open the “Antminer” section, and then select “SHA-256”.

You can also purchase an ASIC device of this model from official distributors. Of course, in this case, the price of ASHIK will be somewhat higher, but it is much easier to place an order.

Today, it will not be difficult to buy equipment for mining, since it is sold even on the most common bulletin boards – OLX, Avito, etc. In principle, the overpayment will be insignificant. The main thing is to clarify whether the guarantee is provided for Antminer?

Power and Cooling System

Of course, these are very important aspects of cryptocurrency mining, especially for those who plan to mine at home. The cooling fans of the Antminer S9 will operate around the clock, emitting significant noise. Add to this huge electricity bills per month. Of course, these factors can block the delight of the highest performance of the miner.

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The supplied power adapter from the manufacturer (APW3-12-1600-B2), located in the case, is equipped with six connectors, which is exactly what is required to connect an ASIC device. Contacts are also provided for the power and monitoring button. Relatively low electricity consumption is one of the main advantages of this model.

The power supply unit copes with its tasks on 5+, providing uniform voltage distribution – 12V. The efficiency of the adapter is also at a high level – 93%. Therefore, the unit itself is practically not heated. Power consumption at 14 TH / s – 1340W. However, there is one drawback – a noisy fan that works louder than the radiators of the miner itself.

Power and Cooling System

If several power adapters are used, check that only one unit is connected to each hash board, otherwise it will close when turned on, as a result of which the hardware component of the equipment will stop working.

Like previous models, Antminer S9 is equipped with a pair of 120-mm fans with a rotational speed of up to six thousand revolutions. The developers tried to reduce the S9 temperature as much as possible, so the device turned out to be extremely noisy. Working temperature – from 25 to 40 degrees. To reduce noise, use a water cooling system or more expensive coolers.

Antminer S9 – Setting up the Mining Process

You can extract cryptocurrencies even with standard settings, as long as there are no problems with the network connection. However, in any case, the main task of each user is to set personal preferences. If earlier, you did not register for the pool, now is the time to do it.

Antminer S9 - Setting up the Mining Process

The integrated circuits from the company Bitmain work on a modified Startum protocol; therefore, you can easily join the Chinese associations – Antpool or F2pool. The manufacturer does not guarantee compatibility with other pools.

Antminer S9 - Setting up

Problems with registration on Antpool will not arise, especially since the official portal of the pool is partially translated into Russian. After completing the registration form, you will be redirected to your personal account. To log in to the pool, you need to create an account for mining. In the future, this particular account will need to be registered in the settings, so copy it.

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To synchronize the miner and the account, open the page with pools and insert the account name in the corresponding line, you do not need to change the password.

Antminer S9 for mining BTC and BCH

Tick ​​in the box & # 171, Stop running when temprerature is over 80 & # 187, it is better to leave, because if the equipment starts to overheat, then as a result, it will turn off automatically. Chips can withstand temperatures of 100 degrees, but still they should not be tested. The optimum temperature is up to 50 degrees. A little lower you can set the speed of rotation of radiators.

Clock purity can be set in the section “Advanced Settings”. On average, the optimal value varies in the range of 600-650 MHz. To overclock the Antminer S9, connect one of the boards to another power supply, since the “native” adapter has a minimum power reserve.

Overview Antminer S9 for mining BTC and BCH

At the moment of saving the set parameters, the cryptocurrency mining process will be restarted. To view statistics, go to the “Miner Status” menu.

Payback Antminer S9

You need to control not only the temperature and performance, watch for the number of chip errors, as well as the number of not accepted hashes, but the values ​​of these parameters should also be minimized. What internet speed is needed for the Antminer miner? Ordinary user will be enough 2-3 MB / s.

Payback Antminer S9

To give an objective assessment of Aschik Antminer S9, you need to calculate in advance the payer of the miner. Immediately, we note that every 2 weeks, the complexity of cryptocurrency mining increases. In addition, the cost of electricity consumed depends on the region in which you live. Naturally, these variables need to be considered.

Without a doubt, the model under consideration is one of the extremely powerful ASIC devices. However, it’s still not worth counting on the generation of a single block during solo mining. Suppose you purchased equipment from an official distributor for about $ 1,500. Most likely, in about six months, the money invested in the purchase of an integrated circuit will be fully compensated.

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