ASIC for mining Ethereum – Risk, Tips and Features

ASIC for mining Ethereum - Risk, Tips and Features

If you want to know how to choose, the risk associated with mining ethereum with ASIC and features read this post. Attention to cryptocurrency is growing every day. More and more people are investing in equipment and are beginning to understand mining. Today we will talk about the choice of ASIC for ethereum and the results of work with the miner. Let us examine the pitfalls and guidelines for use.

At the stage of selection, it is necessary to understand the scale of their plans. Mining for beginners involves the use of video cards. Advanced users buy specially designed mining machines – Ashiki. If you really decided to invest in cryptocurrency mining, you cannot do without Asic.

ASIC for mining Ethereum

What is ASIC?

Asik is a scheme of rather narrow directivity that is used to perform certain tasks. For a long time, the mining of cryptocurrencies was carried out by user graphics cards, or mining farms assembled from video cards. The process was not easy. Indeed, for more or less high income dozens or hundreds of video cards are required. But not only the price of the graphics adapters themselves is a problem, because they consume a lot of energy.

With the advent of ASIC miners, the scale of mining of cryptocurrencies has reached a fundamentally new level. Such schemes turned out to be much more profitable than the usual video cards. Having more power (hash calculation speed), they required much less electricity. Demand creates supply – the creation of Asikov has become a separate branch of the industry.

How to choose Asic?

Initially, Ashiki was created only for the extraction of Bitcoin. Then they took a huge piece of cake from video cards. A little later, ASIC appeared for Ethereum mining and the equipment market began to expand.

For mining characteristic race power equipment. The speed of technology development in this area is so high that by buying a good Asik now, you do not get guarantees of its relevance in six months. In this market it is impossible to stand still – a change of equipment should be carried out every 3-4 months (with impressive production volumes).

First you need to deal with the issue of payback. To do this, you can use the online calculator: We choose the ASIC model we need and, by clicking “calculate”, we look at the daily yield plate of the selected “miner”. Comparing the income for the day with the price tag, you can roughly calculate how many days he can pay for himself.

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Why about? The cryptocurrency market is not very stable – the prices of coins are constantly changing, miners do not become less, and mining algorithms are becoming more complex every day. When choosing Ashik for Ethereum, I recommend paying attention to some details:

  1. Hashrate Namely, its effectiveness. The higher it is, the higher the price of ASHIK, but efficiency is clearly not something that should be neglected.
  2. Electricity consumption. Here, everything can rest against the capabilities of your network. So before you buy it is better to make sure that your power is enough for Asik’s appetites.
  3. Price. Ether is the second most popular cryptocurrency, and the demand for it is only growing. All this pulls up and the cost of equipment, in our cases – Asikov. This becomes most noticeable when a new model comes out, which turns out to be almost twice as productive as the previous one.

Asic Features

Mining should be primarily profitable, because you need to know the pros and cons of both the hardware component and the direction in which you are moving. As for video cards and farms based on them:

  • There are a lot of video cards on the market, and, despite the current shortage, they are actively selling.
  • GPUs can always be sold to gamers who now see only inflated prices in stores.
  • A warranty for 1-3 years insures you in case of unforeseen repairs.
  • Noise and temperature levels: a video card or a small mining farm can be put in your apartment. They work quietly enough and do not heat very much.

At the same time, the mining of Ethereum at ASIC has a number of undeniable advantages and obvious disadvantages. In order to enter the cryptocurrency mining business, you need to be prepared for serious investments. Inexpensive, but at the same time effective ASIC, now will cost you $ 1500 or more. Some models reach the price of $ 10,000. What is the point? Ethereum is one of the few serious and reliable cryptocurrencies with potential.

A huge number of Bitcoin heirs by the algorithm can be mined indefinitely, which has no foundation. The focus on Ethereum opens up additional possibilities for you to use ASIC:

  • Practicality. We got it out of the box, turned it on, entered our wallet – mining went.
  • Payback. Not a single farm of video cards can pay for itself faster than a good Asika.
  • Performance. Perhaps the main advantage of ASIKOV over the GPU. GTX 1080 Ti is the most powerful graphics card on the market, while its performance can reach up to 700H / S. At the same time, the Asikov velocity starts from 1-2Gh / S and reaches 10-13Th / S. Video cards are simply not capable of such indicators.
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But there are also disadvantages:

  • Ashika’s narrow focus for Ethereum mining and falling price. Most Asikov support one or two cryptocurrency algorithms. As soon as these algorithms lose their relevance, Asik loses value for the owner and falls in value in the market.
  • In the event of a marriage or some kind of breakdown, you will need to spend a lot of time and money on replacement. The reason for this is the constant shortage of Asiki and components.
  • Strong noise and heat dissipation. The apartment is hard to accommodate. Therefore, there is a need for rental premises with good ventilation.
How to choose Asik ethereum mining


This is one of the most interesting questions. In the case of any investment (especially in the crypt), the risks are always there and will be. The market has no external control. There is no centralization. About stability can not speak. But this whole picture makes it possible to grab the jackpot, and quickly and effortlessly. And here you need to remember a very important thing: Ethereum is one of the few reliable (as far as possible) and promising mining options.

When Ethereum mining by Ashikami has to constantly follow the news and courses. This rule applies when working with any cryptocurrency. Earnings directly depends on the course jumps. There is no peace here. From the pitfalls highlight:

  1. The difficulty of hashing in the blockchain for ether is not very stable. The project itself is interesting, but because the price of Ethereum will gradually continue to grow, with temporary jumps up and down.
  2. The price of equipment in our time often bites. Those who really profit from mining are the manufacturers of components for Ashik and video cards, as well as their retail partners.
  3. Mining is a difficult investment. It is necessary to sell Ashiki in time for the mining of Ether and in time to buy new ones (in accordance with the course, the release of more powerful models and niche growth forecasts).
  4. When expanding, you will have to look for a rental room with a suitable temperature.

ASIC Tips For Mining Ethereum

Having a certain start-up capital, you can already start creating your own cryptographic empire, which may not be very big, but real. The first thing is to do the selection and subsequent purchase of equipment. When you already see the theoretical capacity, it is time to select the room.

In the apartment you don’t place ashi. Storage rooms with a reliable supply line, ventilation and suitable temperature conditions are suitable. It’s not necessary to look at huge warehouses, start small. The main thing – the optimal conditions for work. Then you can expand.

It is better to place ASIC for extraction of Ethereum in places with cheap electricity and low air temperature. For example, somewhere in an empty warehouse or in a spacious room. For reference: cheap electricity in Siberia and Iceland is about one cent per kilowatt. At the same time low temperatures in the delta for the year.

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If you have started a business on the extraction of Ether, it remains only to follow the course. Equipment costs can be recouped in the shortest possible time. Next – work only in net profit. Do not forget to follow the new arrivals on the market Asiki. Sometimes a new model is 1.5-2 times more productive than yours. There is a release of new models about once every 3-4 months. This is the basic cycle of your installation. You can not miss the moment of residual relevance of your equipment when it can be sold on the secondary market and return some of your money.

ASIC Tips For Mining Ethereum


Should I invest in Asiki? Of course! But this must be done consciously. Find in advance reliable suppliers. Plan a distribution plan. Pick up a room and monitor the demand for Ethereum. Start small, recaptured funds – buy more.

On the mining video cards you will not get far. The future is in power and equipment specially designed for specific tasks. Multiply a good approach to luck = profit. If a question arises – write them in the comments under the article. We tried to convey information in simple language. Hopefully it was helpful.

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