Asic L3 plus (Asic Bitmain Antminer L3 +) Mining Hashrate: Profitability- 504 MCH & 255 h/s

Asic L3 plus (Asic Bitmain Antminer L3 +) Mining Hashrate

Asic L3 plus (Asic Bitmain Antminer L3 +), Asic Profitability/ Characteristics/ Is it good for Mining: 255 h/s – ASIC l3 plus is 504 MCHAsic L3 (Asic Bitmain Antminer L3 plus) is one of the devices specially made for Litecoin (LTC) mining that has become popular due to its brilliant hash rates. Yield about 450 rubles. per day convert to USD or your home country. (summer 2021).

In this post, you will learn about the specifications, cost, and brief overview of the Bitmain AntMiner L3 device.

ASIC l3 plus is 504 MCH / s
ASIC l3 plus is 504 MCH / s

So, ASIC l3 is an ASIC – a miner used as a hardware component designed to mine coins based on an encryption algorithm such as Litecoin.

  • It contains BM1485, one of the first Litecoin application-specific integrated circuits, with an outstanding hash rate!

Inside the AntMiner L3 kit you get 288 powerful ASICs!!! These chips increase the hash rate and make it more efficient than previous L3 litecoin miners on the market.

Asik L3 plus (Asic Bitmain Antminer L3 +), yield of asik, characteristics, price
288 powerful number chips

Version AntMiner L3 plus is an updated version of the previous AntMiner L3 from Bitmain. When it comes to performance and competition, AntMiner L3+ outperforms the market in everything from power consumption to price.

ASIC price (with power supply) –

AntMiner L3+ is very similar to the popular AntMiner S9 in many aspects and is almost the same size. Thanks to its compact size, design, efficient cooling system, you can use it anywhere – from a mining farm to home apartments.

What unique features does Asic l3 (Asic Bitmain Antminer L3 plus) offer?

Asic l3 +
Asic L3 plus (Asic Bitmain Antminer L3 +)

L3+ is equipped with a powerful AM335x 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 microprocessor, control board from Texas Instruments, and gigabit ports, which guarantees instant shipment of your mined blocks.

  • It comes with a high-quality aluminum case that protects the device from overheating, and two powerful computer-controlled fans.

Asik l3 plus uses an engineered combination of both conduction and convection to enhance cooling. Thus, it ensures the maximum performance of litecoin mining!

Even when running at maximum power, the L3+ generates no more heat than the latest terahash bitcoin miner, which is an added benefit!

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Along with this, high-quality aluminum alloy heatsinks are installed on each ASIC l3 + chip. They have high heat dissipation.

  • In addition, two powerful high-speed exhaust fans are installed at the ends of the pipes, so that hot air is instantly replaced by a stream of colder air at the required speed.

These features make this asic l3 a powerful miner designed to provide maximum performance while maintaining a cool working environment.

What exactly makes this ASIC an almost perfect choice for mining?

Asik L3 plus (Asic Bitmain Antminer L3 +), yield of asik, characteristics, price
Asic l3 +: High hash rate, 2 times higher than asic just l3!

AntMiner L3+ offers many significant benefits that you probably won’t get from any other miner on the market.

  • High hash rate

One of the most important features in order to mine more cryptocurrency is its hash rate.

So, the hash rate of the ASIC l3 plus is 504 MCH / s. This is almost double the speed compared to the previous version of the L3, which was about 255 h/s.

  • Electricity consumption

The power consumption mainly depends on the power supply used, the ambient operating temperature, and the accuracy of the power consumption meter.

Energy consumption is another important factor that determines the profitability of a miner. You must calculate the cost of energy consumption according to the standard electricity rates in the country or region where you live.

When it comes to L3+, expert analysis shows that it consumes around 800W, while its previous L3 version used about half, i.e. 400W.

However, since the hash rate has also increased compared to the previous version, the power consumption is quite significant. Thus, the net efficiency and profit are almost equal for both models.

Asik L3 plus (Asic Bitmain Antminer L3 +), yield of asik, characteristics, price

Noise is also another important factor that you should consider when buying any ASIC, even a regular mining farm.

If you are mining in your residential apartments, then make sure that the noise generated by AntMiner does not affect your home activities and does not disturb the neighbors behind the wall.

Asik l3 + generates over 80 dB at just 1.2 meters, which is equivalent to the sound of a food blender of 88 dB or a freight train at 15 meters at 100%.

Even at 50%, it produces a sound that is loud enough to sustain for a long time.

So, if you have an isolated, well-ventilated, spacious room in your apartment, or perhaps a barn of some kind, then this is the right choice. But if this is an apartment, most likely you will interfere with the neighbors’ sleep behind the wall.

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Size is considered to be the main factor to consider in mining hardware. Too bulky appliances take up a lot of space and are not easy to move later.

The AntMiner L3+ measures 35cm x 13cm x 19cm, which is compact and a sizeable size when you look at its performance.

  • Build quality

This ASIC comes with a quad board circuit, with two fans and a 59 type case. This design allows you to quickly and efficiently remove heat.

Asik L3 plus (Asic Bitmain Antminer L3 +), yield of asik, characteristics, price

Compared to its previous version AntMiner L3, it has doubled its performance by increasing the number of BM1485 ASICs from 144 in L3 to 288 in the new L3+.

The build quality of the machine is decent as it is made of solid aluminum alloy and its compact size makes it more compact.

So ignoring these minor cons, AntMiner L3+ has a solid build quality that ensures your asic will last a long time.

  • Easy overclocking

While you have the option to overclock L3+ chips by default, overclocking will void the manufacturer’s warranty. So, think about the risk factors when you want to overclock it.

Whether you want to race or not, the user interface helps you keep track of everything in one place. To operate at maximum speed after overclocking, you also need a high-quality and powerful power supply.

One major drawback

AntMiner L3+ does not have a plug-in power supply. Thus, you will need to purchase a power supply (power supply) for it to work effectively.

  • The asik l3 plus provides you with an easy-to-use and user-friendly user interface. From miner status to control of chip information, temperature and speed, the user interface offers you everything in one click.

All you have to do is just explore the interface, enter your wallet address and set up your mining pool settings to start mining. You also get the option for future firmware updates from the Bitmain developers.


You get a 90-day warranty if you purchase an L3+ ASIC from the official Bitmain website. However, under its terms, overclocking is no longer covered by the warranty.

Technical characteristics of asika:
  1. Hash rate: 504 mh/s. +/- 5% deviation expected;
  2. Power consumption: 800 W +10% ( 794 during testing) (on the bench, with APW3 Bitmain power supply, efficiency 93%, ambient temperature 25°C);
  3. Network connection: Ethernet;
  4. DC voltage: input 11.60~13.00V;
  5. Chip type: BM1485;
  6. Number of chips: per unit 288 chips on 4 hashing boards;
  7. Operating temperature: 0°C – 40°C;
  8. Dimensions: 352 mm (l) x 130 mm (w) x 187.5 mm (h);
  9. Noise level – 75 dB;
  10. Humidity: 0 to 95%.
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What features did I like:

  • The most powerful miner on the market 504 million h/s
  • Minimalistic power consumption of about 800W
  • Easy Setting
  • Gigabit Ethernet support
  • Compact size
  • Good build quality
  • Good after-sales support
  • OEM Warranty

Features I didn’t like:

  • Cost and ROI
  • Peak noise levels

Should you buy it?

If you look at its features, it makes the AntMiner L3+ as a good mining solution. In the end, its simplified user interface, simplicity, simplified setup, low maintenance, compactness, make it a winner in the market.

  • Asik l3 plus it is highly recommended to buy if you want to mine any cryptocoins based on encryption algorithms such as Litecoin (LTC).

But before investing in any mining equipment, given the increasing difficulty in mining, you must calculate your ROI and payback.

So how can you calculate your ROI?

First, by using the Litecoin Profit Calculator, you can get a rough idea of ​​the investment costs and return on investment made.

In addition to the purchase price, you need to calculate the electricity costs and currency conversion rates in your area.

My ratings for AntMiner L3+:

  • Build quality – 96
  • Ease of use – 95
  • Price – 70
  • ROI – 85
  • Customer Service – 93


Now you have a general idea about the asic l3 plus AntMiner, its pros and cons. This is a one-stop solution for Litecoin (LTC) mining.

Considering the huge hash rate, non-cosmic power consumption, high return on investment, good support, AntMiner L3+ is an all-in-one tool. Read also – where is it better to store cryptocurrency.

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