Hiveon ASIC firmware: Cryptojacking | Hashrate Theft | Mining on Hive OS (Safe?)

Hiveon ASIC firmware

Mining on Hive OS, Hiveon ASIC firmware – system overview –Mining on Hive OS a very convenient thing, there are a lot of advantages, all the advantages of the OS in this article! Have you ever experienced hashrate theft? Or maybe one day one of your ASICs caught a virus and then infected the entire farm?

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Mining on Hive OS
Mining on Hive OS, Hiveon ASIC firmware – system overview
  • These and other problems are annoying and sometimes costly! In this article, I will describe the most common problems of all miners and, accordingly, how to solve them.

1.gypsies stupidly steal hashrate!

Imagine the following situation: you are the owner of a large mining farm, and a whole team works with you: administrators, technicians, etc.

You trust them and everything is going well, but at some point you notice that your income has decreased – someone is stealing the hashrate regularly. Fortunately, there is a reliable solution called Hive OS!

So what needs to be done:

Hive OS has two useful features that will help you prevent this situation. First of all, you can set up different access levels for your team members.

  • Two levels are available: Monitor Access and Full Control. The first can be left to your technicians: they will not have access to pools and other important settings.

Instead, they will only be able to track statistics, statuses, and so on. Full access obviously means full access to your mining farm and it can be granted to your admins.

Setting access levels will greatly limit the list of potential suspects. Remember, only those with full access will be able to steal the hashrate!

And here comes another useful feature Hive OS: activity logs. Using them, you can follow the activities of your team and always be aware of what each employee is doing. Therefore, if an administrator steals part of your hashrate, you will immediately notice it.

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2.Cryptojacking. Virus. One ASIC with a virus infects the entire farm, but mining on Hive OS will not allow this!

Hive OS
Hive OS

Here’s another nasty situation: you own a large farm and one of your ASICs gets infected with a virus. This leads to infection of the entire mining farm.

  • As a result, you will face a loss of profit. Moreover, some viruses are very difficult or even impossible to “cure”.

Therefore, you will have to spend time and money to bring everything back to normal. The best way to avoid such a problem is to prevent infection.

What to do:

With constantly updated tar signature and vulnerability checking, the Hiveon ASIC firmware provides strong protection against viruses.

This can work even when this firmware is installed on an already infected ASIC – a digital signature will simply block the virus (however, keep in mind that sometimes it is impossible to get rid of the virus without replacing the control board).

Hiveon ASIC firmware has another useful feature: you will be notified of problems right on the control panel.

  • In turn, Hive OS (which is free for Hiveon ASIC users) constantly monitors the “health” of your devices.

If one of your ASICs is in danger, it will notify you immediately so you can protect your entire farm from infection.

Hive OS - interface
Hive OS – interface

3.Asic burns out due to manufacturing defects

Imagine the following: one of your asics suddenly lights up! The device is seriously damaged and you are not even sure if it is possible to repair it.

  • After investigating the case, you find out that it was due to manufacturing defects that led to a short circuit. and fired their electrician with a bang!

Then a short circuit led to a fire. The situation is very unpleasant, but there is a way to prevent it.

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What to do:

Install Hiveon ASIC firmware. This provides additional protection for ASIC chips and boards and prevents short circuits caused by manufacturing defects. Mining on Hive OS will help you solve this problem.

In the event of a fire risk, the cryptocurrency mining process is terminated. You do not even have to monitor the situation yourself – everything will be done automatically.

4. You need to constantly monitor the temperature yourself

Constantly monitor the temperature of your asics to prevent overheating. But doing this with a lot of ASICs is annoying and time consuming.

  • Moreover, if you have a whole asic farm, you can easily miss the problem, so one or more of your devices will overheat and you won’t even know about it!

As a result, they will face downtime, and you will face loss of profit. Fortunately, temperature control can be done in a much simpler way.

What to do:

First of all, Hive OS provides you with a heat map – there you will see the temperature of all your ASICs. If one of them reaches a critical temperature, you will immediately see it (the device will be marked in red).

  • Secondly, Hive OS has an autorun feature. You only need to set the target temperature and the fan speed will automatically adjust so your ASICs will maintain that temperature.

Third, use the Hiveon ASIC firmware. It is equipped with a temperature sensor that monitors the temperature of chips and printed circuit boards.

When a critical temperature is reached, the watchdog timer automatically reboots the device or stops the process of mining the “crypt” to prevent damage.

By the way, Hiveon ASIC firmware does not have a silent start function. The reason for this is that during a quiet start, the temperature sensor is turned off, so if a critical temperature is reached, you will not notice it. As a result, the ASIC may be damaged.

Mining on Hive OS, Hiveon ASIC firmware - an overview, all the advantages of the system

5. Asics consume too much power

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Let’s say you have an ASIC farm consisting of hundreds of ASICs. Using them, you earn quite a lot, but then spend almost all of your income paying electricity bills. Yes, asics consume a lot of energy. But there is a way to reduce power consumption.

What to do:

The Hiveon ASIC firmware has another useful feature: automatic voltage reduction. This allows you to reduce power consumption even during overclocking!

Therefore, you will pay less for electricity. In addition, step-down voltage helps prevent your devices from overheating.

6. ASICs are unstable

And one more situation: you bought equipment and built an ASIC farm. Everything seems to be in order, but after you have started mining, you regularly encounter ASIC shutdowns and reboots.

What’s more, it’s happening in droves. The result is equipment downtime and lost profits. This is a very annoying problem, but it can be avoided.

What to do:

Use Hive OS: mining on Hive OS ensures the stability of your equipment. With it, you can even run various builds without any problems.

  • Your ASICs will work stably, without sudden shutdowns and reboots.

As you can see, the firmware Hive OS и Hiveon ASIC can help you manage and prevent numerous annoying and dangerous problems. Read also about blockchain smartphone – pay with cryptocurrency for goods and services!

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