Asics (ASIC) for Mining 2022: Profitability | Overclocking (Optimal)| ASIC Table

Asics (ASIC) for Mining 2022

Asics (ASIC) for Mining 2022: Profitability/ Overclocking (Optimal)/ASIC Table – Consider popular ASICs (ASICs) for Bitcoin mining, which are relevant and optimal for purchase in 2022. If you have not yet decided on a pool for mining Bincoin, we recommend only Binance Pool . The best solutions for Bitcoin mining.

Asics (ASIC) for Mining 2022
Asics (ASIC) for Mining 2022

What is ASIC for mining?

ASIC (ASIC) is an abbreviation of the English. application-specific integrated circuit, “an integrated circuit for a specific application.” Those. integrated circuit for cryptocurrency mining. Coins and algorithms may be different.

We will look at the best ASICs for Bitcoin mining in 2022, which are still on sale. Not least, these models have already learned how to repair.

Mining ASIC table in 2022

The table below shows all the optimal ASICs for Bitcoin.

Particular attention was paid to hashrate, consumption per hashrate, total consumption and profitability. Given the depreciation and rising electricity prices, these are decisive moments in the decision-making system.

ASIC modelHashrate (Th/s)Watt per (Th/s)Consumption
Antminer T17 42Th425222001658279.39120.99fourteen
Antminer S17 53Th534523853000352.57180.8517
Antminer S19J Pro 104Th10429.5308610839691.83469.6423
Antminer T19 Pro 88th883833447268585.39344.6321
Whatsminer M20S6849.4133604845453.50211.5823
Whatsminer M21S566033603570373.47131.5527
Whatsminer M30S+one hundred34340010839667.17422.3726
Whatsminer M31S+804233606630533.74291.8223
Avalon 1066fifty6532502422333.5999.5924
Avalon 1166 Pro 81Th814234006690540.41295.6123
Avalon 1246854235777141569.91312.3623
Mining ASIC table in 2022

Technical nuances of selected ASICs

Models Antminer T17 42 Th and Antminer S17 53 Th require good cooling conditions. The critical temperature is considered to be above 70 degrees, with prolonged operation at 70-75 degrees, the flux begins to flow. Ideally, it is necessary to increase the cooling of the equipment itself and the room for it, to create an inflow and outflow of air.

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According to the masters, there may be problems with spare parts on the Antminer S19 Pro 104 Th and Antminer T19 Pro 88 Th if they fail. You can get it, even if not always in 1-2 days.

There are no massive problems with WhatsMiner M20S, WhatsMiner M21S, WhatsMiner M30S+ and WhatsMiner M31S+. Asics work well and are generally reliable models.

But with models from Avalon, such as Avalon 1066, Avalon 1166 Pro 81Th, Avalon 1246, there may be problems during repair. Although, in general, these ASIC models can be called reliable.

On the technical side, that’s all.

Please note that ASICs of 2019 release will most likely already be used, you will not find new ones.

Hashrate and overclocking of selected ASIC models

We will not write in this article a manual for overclocking each model, we will only briefly analyze the main points that need to be considered.

In Antminer S17 53 Th, you can get 35 watts per Th / s using the firmware, while the ASIC will produce 48 Th / s with a consumption of 1690 watts. And also 48 watts per Th / s, with 71 hashrates and a consumption of 3400 watts.

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Antminer T17 42 Th can show 57 watts per Th/s at 56 hashrate and 3217 watt consumption, as well as 46 watts per Th/s at 43 hashrate and 1965 watt consumption.

For these two models, the temperature should not be higher than 70 degrees, asics should not get warm. If you can’t cool them down, then you don’t need to overclock them. And if you can’t cool in normal operation, you need to reduce the hashrate and consumption.

In general, new firmware appears for the selected Antminer ASIC models for 2022. It is necessary to follow already for each model separately.

Profitability and payback calculator for ASICs

Hashrate (Th / s) is an indicator of ASIC performance. It is listed in the specifications. In the whattomine calculator, Gh/s is used. 1 Th/s = 1000 Gh/s

Watt per Th / s – watt per terahash, how many watts an ASIC consumes per 1 Th of its power. An important indicator, especially with an expensive outlet and a lot of iron competition.

Consumption – how much electricity the ASIC consumes in normal mode.

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Dirty profit is income without taking into account the cost of electricity.

Net profit – income including the cost of electricity.

Payback. We divide the price by income per month, if you need a payback per month, or by days, if you need a payback in days.


We would not look at Avalon asics if there is an alternative from WhatsMiner or Antminer. Their price is good, relative to competitors, but if something happens to the asic, the repair may drag on for months, or in general it will be necessary to send the asic to China. Avalon also has one feature, their real power consumption is always higher than stated.

One of the best models in terms of watts per terahash is the Antminer S19J Pro 104 Th. It has only one major drawback, and that is the price. Otherwise, only pluses. If you have money, we would recommend it.

Its analogue is Whatsminer M30S +, but this ASIC is slightly inferior in terms of energy efficiency, and therefore payback. But in general, it is also a very worthy model in the presence of funds. The price is similar. If you find cheaper than Antminer S19J Pro 104 Th, then you can take it without hesitation.]

Of the cheaper ones, you should pay attention to the Antminer T19 Pro 88th. It has the fastest payback. If not him, then check out Whatsminer M31S+.

If you don’t mind boo, then Antminer T17 42 Th and Antminer S17 53 Th, WhatsMiner M20S and WhatsMiner M21S, will be a great ASIC solution in 2022.

For the rest, consider and draw conclusions based on your initial data. This is the price of an asic, the price of an outlet, and so on. How to calculate all the data we wrote above, do not be lazy.

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