Ebang Ebit E10 Hashrate – Profitability| Specs | Configuration

Ebang Ebit E10 Hashrate - Profitability, Specs and Configuration

Ebang Ebit E10 – A Chinese company with a very resounding Russian ear called Ebang in February 2018 introduced the Ebit E10 ASIC miner, which to this day is relevant and able to compete directly with the legendary Bitmain Antminer S9.

What is an Ebang Ebit E10? How productive is it at the end of 2019? Should I buy this ASIC miner? We’ll figure it out.

Information about Ebang Ebit E10

In December 2017, the Chinese manufacturer of mining equipment Ebang decided to develop a worthy analog of Antminer S9, only with a more affordable price tag. The development went on for about two months and in February 2018, Ebang introduced Ebit E10 for mining Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

At the end of 2017, Ebang, which seeks to compete with the Bitmain market leader, presented several new products at the same time – Ebit E9 ++, E10 and the Ebit E10.1 miner. The latter model may well compete with the Asmin Antminer S9, which has long been a leader in hashrate and power consumption.

Features Ebit E10.1

Asik Ebit E10.1 differs in such parameters:

hash rate18 TH / s
mining algorithmSHA-256
power usage1620 Wh
type of chipsDW1228
number of microprocessors70 pcs
working temperaturefrom -10 to +40 degrees
dimensions418x146x189 mm
weight with power supply9.8 kg
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The case of the Ebit E10 is made of aluminum. In the front and rear of the device are fans that provide cooling boards and chips. On top of the case is an integrated power supply and control board.

Connect and configure Ebit miner

Connect and configure Ebit miner

Before proceeding with the extraction of virtual currency, the user must connect the miner and configure it to the pool. To do this, he will need to perform the following actions:

  • connect an Ethernet cable;
  • connect the Ebit miner to the mains;
  • identify IP equipment;
  • select a pool and create an account;
  • create a worker for mining coins on the SHA-256 algorithm;
  • go to the settings of Asik by entering his IP address in the address bar;
  • enter parameters for working with the pool;
  • save settings.

Next, the mining process will begin. If this does not happen, the equipment must be rebooted.

Very strange, but the Ebit E10 got exactly the same design as the Antminer S9 without any hint of personality. The manufacturer did not “reinvent the wheel” and simply took the Antminer S9 as a basis and increased all possible indicators in it – hashrate, consumption, noise level and, of course, the price tag.

Information about Ebang Ebit E10

Specifications Ebit E10:

  • The hashing algorithm – SHA-256;
  • Productivity – 18 Th / s;
  • Power Consumption – 1650 W;
  • Noise level – 75 dB;
  • Weight – 10 kg;
  • Price – $ 1,100 (September 2018);
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As you already understood, Ebang did not make any breakthrough in mining chips and poured a rather “gray” device on the market, which is competitive except with the same Antminer S9 or the new Antminer S9 Hydro.

Specifications Ebit E10

Advantages and disadvantages of the Ebang Ebit E10

Among the main advantages of ASIC are the following:

  • High hash rate;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • Built-in power supply;
  • Powerful cooling system;

There are also disadvantages:

  • High noise level;
  • Heavyweight, which only complicates transportation;
  • High price;

Profitability and payback Ebang Ebit E10

As of mid-September 2018, Ebit E10 is mining at $ 1 per day, taking into account electricity. Yes, this indicator leaves much to be desired, especially looking at the price tag of the device. But these are the realities of the market, and there is nothing to be done about it.

Thus, the average payback period of Ebit E10 is almost 3 years. Perhaps many will say that this is completely absurd, but we are in a hurry to please you – Antminer S9 produces $ 0.79 per day, which is almost the same indicator based on the price and the issued hashrate.

Where and how to buy Asik Ebit E10.1, price

Where and how to buy Asik Ebit E10.1, price

As of March 2, 2018, the purchase of the Ebit E10.1 miner on the official portal is impossible due to its absence in warehouses. Most likely, the next batch will appear in April. It should be borne in mind that the minimum order quantity is 20 units. Because of this, you have to buy equipment in online stores and from retailers.

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The price of Ebit E10.1 is 273 thousand rubles on the official website for bulk orders (from 20 pieces), excluding delivery. At the same time, the cost of ASICs in the first batch, the delivery date of which was January 31, was 5800 dollars (330,000 rubles). The price of Ebit E10.1 in Russia is from 350 to 420 thousand rubles.

To summarize

We do not know what is in the heads of Ebang marketers, but ordinary miners will not be able to just buy Ebit E10. The manufacturer set a limit on the purchase – “at least 20 pieces in one check”, so anyone who is interested in this device will have to buy from suppliers in their city.

One thing can be said, Ebit E10 is a very interesting ASIC only where there is shareware electricity. The rest is an illiquid device, which in a year can become unprofitable.

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