BitFlyer launches Simplified BTC Buying and Selling Service for European Customers

BitFlyer launches Simplified BTC Buying and Selling Service for European Customers

The European division of the Japanese stock exchange cryptocurrency bitFlyer launched the exchange service. His goal is to make the sale and purchase of BTC easier than on the spot exchanges.

BitFlyer Europe said that the new trading platform is designed for people who want to take advantage of “a simple way to buy and sell Bitcoin – from beginners to experienced traders.” Until now, the company has offered on the European market only a service for professional traders called Lightning.

The new bitFlyer Buy / Sell service gives users the opportunity to exchange BTC for euros with a limit of 20 BTC per transaction. According to the website, the service is not an exchange with a book of orders, and users will not pay a fixed commission for the sale or purchase of BTC. Obviously, in this case, bitFlyer makes money on the difference between its own buying and selling prices.

When registering, new users must confirm that they are not residents of the United States and go through standard KYC procedures by providing personal data: address and telephone number, as well as identity documents.

BitFlyer declares itself as the only cryptocurrency exchange licensed in Japan, the USA and Europe. BitFlyer Europe Operations Director Andy Bryant said:

“BitFlyer Buy / Sell is a virtual cryptocurrency exchanger for everyone, allowing you to buy and sell in two clicks. BitFlyer Buy / Sell is not only easy to use – our customers can be sure that they are using a reliable, regulated platform with a decent story. ”

Earlier this month, the BitFlyer cryptocurrency exchange resumed
opening new accounts in Japan a year after receiving the order
on improving operations from the Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA) due to concerns about weak identification procedures and the potential risks of money laundering. In addition, BitFlyer and Sumitomo have recently announced that they will create an application on the blockchain for renting real estate.