BitPay Crypto Payment Processor introduces KYC for large transactions

BitPay Crypto Payment Processor introduces KYC for large transactions

The BitPay crypto payment processor introduces identity verification for larger transactions.

The BitPay crypto payment processor has changed its ID verification requirements for payments over $ 3000 and refunds over $ 1000. Customers will have to go through a one-time verification process, by submitting personal information, such as social security number, a copy of the passport or another form of photo identity.

Bitpay has announced that the new changes will not apply to people who use BitPay and Copay applications to transfer money from person to person. The check will be made for customers trying to send $ 3,000 or more to a BitPay merchant. It will also include those requesting a $ 1,000 refund.

Poloniex returns the money of investors affected by the collapse of CLAM cryptocurrency

At the end of May, Poloniex crashed its margin trading system due to a sharp fall in the price of CLAM cryptocurrency. At that time, the exchange lost 1,800 BTC worth about $ 13.5 million.

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Poloniex has opted to socialize the losses, using the funds from the common loan account for margin trading. About 0.4% of users lost 16.2% of the funds included in that joint account.

On June 14, Poloniex distributed 180 BTC to these investors. The rest of the amounts will be compensated by crediting the transaction commissions, according to the official announcement published on the exchange blog.

Bitfury launches AI division

The blockchain company Bitfury has announced the creation of a division dedicated to the analysis of big data by artificial intelligence. In an interview with Reuters, the company’s co-founder and CEO Valery Vavilov said that data analytics will include blockchain and AI technology. The first series of products will be launched at the end of that year or the beginning of next year.

Bitfury currently offers a number of blockchain services, develops cryptocurrency mining hardware and has its own mining centers.

Registered publishers of Brave browser increased by 1200% this year

The number of publishers using the Brave decentralized browser has increased by 1,200% over the last year, according to data published by Decrypt.

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According to BATGrowth data, a site that monitors Brave browser adoption, the number of Brave Rewards publishers was 18,931 in July 2018. Currently, the current number exceeds 230,000.
These include 29,278 site publishers, including the Washington Post and Smithsonian Magazine. The Brave Rewards program is used by 17,417 Twitter editors, 2,917 Reddit editors, 166,698 YouTube editors and over 12,000 Twitch editors.

BAT is trading at about $ 0.201, according to CoinMarketCap data. The cryptocurrency underlying the Brave ecosystem was launched in June last year. It peaked at $ 0.86 in January.

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