Bloomberg R3 Blockchain Consortium Plans IPO

Bloomberg R3 Blockchain Consortium Plans IPO

Sources publication Bloomberg argue that R3 is in talks with consultants about the possible placement of shares on the stock exchange.

In the publication
It does not specify at which site an IPO may be attempted. The publication’s sources also note that individuals interested in purchasing shares have already contacted the R3 consortium, which is developing scalable and efficient distributed registries for enterprises.

At the same time, R3 replied Bloomberg:

“We are not surprised by such assumptions, given the success of Corda, but an IPO is not the direction that we are doing now. Our mission from the very beginning was to provide solutions on the blockchain for the widest possible business community, and any decision we take will take this goal into account. ”

R3 currently boasts no less than 300 private and public sector partners working on the open source Corda blockchain, as well as the Corda Enterprise solution. The consortium includes large banks, insurance companies, automakers, regulators, and many other representatives of various industries.

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Many companies of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry are considering the possibility of an IPO. In the spring it was reported that the Chinese manufacturer of mining equipment Canaan Creative is preparing
to submit a new IPO application on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. However, the most sensational attempt at listing was the application for an IPO of Bitmain, whose plans became known for the first time.
in June 2018.