Cameron Winklevoss said Libra is a step in crypto adoption

Cameron Winklevoss said Libra is a step in crypto adoption

Winklevoss twins, interested in joining Libra

Gemini exchange founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss said they are open to joining the Libra Association. In an interview with CNN, Cameron said Libra represents a step in the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies:

“I think in the future we will not be able to live without crypto and we will not be able to imagine a world before crypto.”

Cameron Winklevoss said they are considering joining Libra Association, a new governance consortium for Facebook’s upcoming crypto project. Currently, the association has 28 founding members and is expected to reach 100 at Libra launch.

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Vitalik Buterin warns that the Ethereum blockchain is “full”

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin warned that the project blockchain is “full”. That is, there is a risk that the number of transactions will exceed the network capacity. In an interview with the Toronto Star, he warned that projects that want to launch may face a significant increase in transaction costs.

“The transaction fee is already expensive and it will be even five times more expensive because of the big projects that are being launched.”

He said the situation would be resolved only after the adoption of the Istanbul upgrade, planned for next year.

The head of the Kraken OTC office reported that the volume of transactions has increased 20 times in the last year

Nelson Minier, the head of the OTC at the Kraken crypto-exchange, said the number of monthly OTC transactions has increased 20-fold in the past year. In an interview with The Scoop podacast, he said that the most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, the popularity of other cryptocurrencies such as BCH, Monero and Tether also increased.

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Minier declined to provide accurate figures for OTC transactions, but the Kraken exchange recorded $ 85 billion in 2018.

Millions of dollars in crypto obtained from drug trafficking, handed over to the authorities

Thirty-nine-year-old Justin Gornik pleaded guilty to drug trafficking in various dark web markets. It has been paid in cryptocurrencies on several markets such as Alpha Bay, Trade Route, Abraxas, Evolution, Outlaw Market and Dream Market. According to the investigation, Gornik made millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies from the sale of fentanyl, ketamine, oxycodone, amphetamine and other drugs. Upon accepting the guilt, Gornik gave up cryptocurrencies he obtained from illegal activities. These were kept in his accounts on the US Bittrex and Poloniex exchanges.

He was sentenced to 70 months in prison for drug trafficking and money laundering with cryptocurrencies.

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