Chipsets for Alder Lake. We know what Intel is planning

Although all the secrets about the 12th generation of Intel Core will be officially known as early as this fall, the leaks that this time revealed the chipsets for Alder Lake will bring some relief to the impatient.

Intel revealed the planned chipsets for Alder Lake itself

We already know that Intel Alder Lake-S processors will reach for a completely new Socket V (LGA1700) and thus the 600 series chipset. Today we learned about them through updating Intel’s drivers as part of the 10.1.18836.8283. Thus, it provided us with first-hand information about the next-generation chipsets planned by the company, including the X699, which marks Intel’s great return to the HEDT segment, where performance is always a priority.

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The X699 chipset suggests that Intel may be developing as yet unknown Alder Lake-S processors with even more cores for the HEDT market. We, consumers, will probably reach for something from the “lower shelf”, where there will be the flagship Z690 for typical Kowalskis, i.e. a chipset intended for OC-oriented motherboards. These are likely to make their debut on the market first in order to increase the profits of the companies.

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Over time, cheaper and thus less impressive chipsets for Alder Lake processors will enter the market, but there are no surprises here – you can count on the H670 and B660, or the H610 in the most budget segment. In the case of the latter, there is also a mention of the H610E, which probably means “Embedded” variants, i.e. those for devices permanently integrated with each other for OEMs.