CNN: US warns OPEC+ members against decision to cut oil production

MOSCOW, 5 Oct – PRIME. Washington politicians before the meeting of OPEC+ oil producing countries scheduled for Wednesday, October 5, are trying to dissuade the parties to the agreement from reducing crude oil production. This is stated in the article on CNN.

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Journalists, citing sources in the US Presidential Administration, note that over the past few days, “high-ranking representatives of the energy, economic and international directions of (Joe) Biden have been involved in lobbying with their foreign counterparts in the allied states of the Middle East, including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United United Arab Emirates, to vote against cuts in oil production.”

From the records with the key theses of the US Administration, which came into the possession of journalists, it became known that American politicians describe the negative consequences of reducing the production of this type of raw material as a “total catastrophe” and “an enemy act.”

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“It is important that everyone understands how high the stakes are now,” one of the sources told the TV channel.

Another interlocutor called the mood in Washington “panic”.

The oil-producing countries of OPEC + will hold on Wednesday the first face-to-face meeting since March 2020 (the start of the pandemic) at the headquarters of the OPEC cartel in Vienna. For the last two years, the negotiations have been held only in an online format. They will discuss issues of an agreement to limit the production of crude oil.

Earlier, Bloomberg, citing congress delegates who arrived in Vienna, reported that OPEC + members are considering a plan to reduce crude oil production by 2 million barrels per day. It is added that some of the parties to the agreement are already extracting significantly less than their quotas. This means that they have little to no need to cut production in case quotas decrease.

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