Congressman McHenry praised Bitcoin in an interview with CNBC

Congressman McHenry praised Bitcoin in an interview with CNBC

While the US Congress is vehemently critical of Libra, one of North Carolina’s representatives is promoting Bitcoin. Congressman McHenry gave a CNBC interview in which he praised Bitcoin, claiming the need for large-scale adoption:

Congressman McHenry: Bitcoin is an unstoppable force

“It is an unstoppable force and it should be our duty not to discourage it. Many have tried to do it in the past and have failed. At the moment, the question is what policy makers will do with this innovation. We need to support the development of our technology. “

McHenry called on the US Congress to support the adoption of Bitcoin, as this cryptocurrency is

“An embodiment of American values ​​and the contribution of a generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.”

Bitcoin Suisse requests bank and broker-dealer license

The Swiss company Bitcoin Suisse announced that it has applied for a banking license from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Also, the startup cripto also requested permission to act as broker under the Securities Transactions Act.

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According to the company, the license will allow the company to offer more varied products and services in a regulated way:

“These licenses will allow us to trade tokens and cryptomonas that have been or will be classified as securities by the financial regulator. This would include our stable cryptomonade, the Swiss crypto-franc. “

Tor buys $ 10,000 in Bitcoin in 25 hours

The Tor Project fundraising campaign has managed to raise Bitcoin worth $ 10,000 in 25 hours since launch.

We’re proud to announce that #BitcoinForTor @torproject is now 100% funded.

The community managed to raise 10k, 25 hours after the launch.

Take a moment to celebrate, but if you can, keep sending sats as this is just a softcap goal.


– BTCPay Server (@BtcpayServer) July 16, 2019

The new crowdfunding program, known as BitcoinForTor, was launched on July 15 in collaboration with the BTCPay Server open source payment processor.

Tor Project continues to raise funds to fund its development, claiming that protecting online privacy is very important for everyone.

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The funds raised will be spent to support the global human rights community, such as privacy and online freedom.

He was hired by Microsoft, arrested for the theft of $ 10 million in criptomonades

Volodymyr Kvashuk, a 25-year-old Ukrainian citizen, was arrested on charges of theft of $ 10 million in criptomonades. Authorities claim to have stolen a large number of crypto gift cards offered on Microsoft’s sales platform, which Kvashuk was committed to testing. Gift cards and Microsoft products bought with them were subsequently resold at much higher prices.

Kvashuk used the illegal proceeds to buy a $ 160,000 Tesla car and a $ 1.7 million home. In the seven months of activity, over 2.8 million dollars were transferred to its bank accounts.

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