Corsair VS450 in the test

Corsair VS450 im Test: Kleines ATX-Netz­teil für System­in­tegra­toren

The VS450 is the entry into the Corsair power supply. It is designed to meet legal efficiency requirements, but otherwise lacks electrical performance. The electronics are of rock solid quality, but technologically they fall behind the competition.

Although the entry-level power supply series are technologically far behind the middle and upper class, they make up the largest sales in the industry. The efficiency, the volume and the quality of the output voltages as well as the built-in technology are clearly inferior due to the price pressure, but meet the demands of the customers, who only need adequate performance. Because the reliability of power supplies depends largely on the operating temperature of the components, poor efficiency has a double negative effect.

No major leaps in efficiency can be expected compared to the predecessor of the Corsair VS450 because the legal minimum requirements for power supplies in complete systems still only have to be met. The refresh of the VS series currently only affects the output powers 450, 550 and 650 watts, although the power class below 400 watts is of particular interest for office PCs.

The details of the test methodology, the test station used, the electrical measurements and the sound pressure level measurements can also be read separately in this case in the article “How BitcoinMinersHashrate tests power supplies”. The power supply ranking list with the best list offers a constantly updated overview of recommended power supplies.

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Technical key data in comparison

Since the Corsair VS450 has a wide-range input, it is certified to 80Plus with 115 V input voltage. The measurements must prove whether it also meets the requirements for 80Plus EU, because the power supply may only be sold in complete systems within the EU with an efficiency according to 80Plus EU. The ATX power supply housing has a particularly compact form factor because it only measures 125 mm in depth. Nevertheless, Corsair has managed to install a 120 mm fan, which the manufacturer expects to have a low volume.

For Corsair, the documentation of the protective circuits of the VS450 is not a priority, because the manufacturer does not clarify this either on the outer packaging or in the enclosed safety information. The website links to a general manual that does not explicitly address individual power supply series and also contains incorrect information, including the promise of efficiency of at least 80 percent from 10 percent load. The protective elements from the following table can ultimately be verified from the measurements. Overload protection is usually integrated in the PFC controller, but there are no shunt resistors for the current measurement and the protective circuit does not trip as desired.

warranty Terms

Retailers in Germany are liable for the functionality of the power supply within the first 24 months after purchase. A 24-month manufacturer’s guarantee has established itself as the standard so that dealers do not have to settle for the damage they have suffered as a result. Corsair wants to create additional trust with the VS450’s three-year warranty. Instead of arranging a guarantee through the dealer, there is also the option of contacting the manufacturer directly, which can speed up the exchange process. The fact that Corsair maintains a service location in Germany means that the shipping costs remain manageable.

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Scope of delivery and exterior

The power supply housing of the VS450 is robustly built and kept very simple. The fan grill was therefore only punched out of the housing. As with the other Corsair power supply series, the side stickers have a neutral color. However, the wires of the cable harnesses are conventionally coded according to the colors for the individual voltage rails according to the ATX standard.

The scope of delivery was reduced to the essentials with the IEC cord, screws and safety instructions. After all, all cable strands are covered and a plastic ring on the cable duct protects against damage to the sleeves.

cable Features

The connector assembly is suitable for a power supply unit of the 450 W class. Two PCIe and seven SATA connections are sufficient for the vast majority of gaming PCs. The PCIe connectors were only implemented using a Y split, but a demanding upper-class graphics card should not be operated with an entry-level power supply anyway. At 60 cm, the EPS strand is still of satisfactory length, so that in many ATX housings it is possible to lay cables on the back behind the mainboard tray.

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A high degree of flexibility during installation enables the peripheral connections to be divided into three cable strands, so that drives can also be connected to one another at greater distances. The sleeve only covers the functional aspect of core bundling, but apart from the 24-pin ATX line, it cannot offer any real privacy.

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