Cryorig H7 Plus cooling test

Cryorig H7 Plus cooling test

Cryorig returns to WhatNext. The first cooler we received from the manufacturer was the Cryorig H7 Plus model. It is the newest design that is equipped with two fans. How will it be in the tests?

Cooling Cryorig H7 Plus is packed in a black cardboard box. Together with it, we receive an instruction, a registration card, an assembly system, a tube of paste and a 2x 4 pin to 1x 4 pin adapter. The manual explains well the assembly, which is really simple. The entire tube of CP7 paste will allow several cooling mounts. The adapter is also a nice addition, which will make it easier to understand the cables well. The warranty is 3 years.


The cooling of the Cryorig H7 Plus looks very good. It is all silver, the fans are black, and there is a black cap on the top of the heat sink. Thanks to this, the Cryorig H7 Plus looks really good in the housing. The Cryorig product measures 126mm x 123mm x 145mm and weighs 845g with fans. It has 40 fins 0.4 mm thick and has a gap of 2.2 mm between them. They have the Jet Fin Acceleration System technology, thanks to which they are to dissipate heat even better. The base is made for a mirror and three 6 mm heat pipes come out of it. This should provide some pretty good heat dissipation. The build quality is very good, I have no negative comments.

Both fans included are the QF120 models. Their maximum speed is 1600 RPM, volume 25 dBA, air flow 59 CFM and pressure 1.65 mmH2O. They have 11 blades each which generate an air flow. The fans have 4-pin connectors, so it is possible to control them with PWM.

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Test platform

Tests and summary


The Cryorig H7 Plus fared very well in the tests. It can handle the overclocked 4690K easily, and the temperatures themselves are even low. Unfortunately, the cooling is quite noisy at full speed. Fortunately, after lowering the RPM to 1200 RPM and 800 RPM, the temperatures dropped slightly, and there was a significant improvement in the work culture. Therefore, it is worth not to set the cooling to the maximum and slightly below the highest fan speed.

Cryorig H7 Plus should cost about PLN 200. At this price, it is one of the most interesting offers on the market. Cooling looks good and also has a simple mounting system. At maximum revolutions it is loud, but after lowering them a little, the work culture is acceptable, and the efficiency itself does not drop significantly. This is definitely thanks to the included two propellers. I also have to mention the very good build quality. At this price, it is really worth taking an interest in.