Green Cell PowerBoost test. With this powerbank, you can even fire up a 6-liter diesel

Green Cell PowerBoost test.  With this powerbank, you can even fire up a 6-liter diesel

Do you need a powerbank that will not only provide power to your gadgets, smartphones and even laptops, but will even serve you when the car battery fails? Then we have something special for you – the Green Cell PowerBoost Car Jump Starter test. This 16,000 mAh powerbank was definitely created to provide you with an emergency start-up of the car, but in practice it allows much more.

Green Cell PowerBoost box and accessories included

Green Cell PowerBoost is not something that you will only keep in your backpack, trunk or the last drawer in your garage. This equipment is worth taking with you on every trip, because it is simply useful. Therefore, you should be pleased with the presence of a solid case in the set. It is tough, finished with a dense nylon mesh, has a sturdy two-way zipper and a fabric loop for easy transport.

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It’s big and it’s hard to argue with it, but thanks to that it was durable and there was a lot of space inside. Both for a powerbank with a size of 187 x 121 x 47 mm, instructions in incl. Polish language, a solid USB-C to USB-C cable with a length of 120 cm and a power of 60 watts in a nylon braid and a set of crocodile clips. The latter can definitely be called solid – they have thick wires hidden in a rubber cover and a plug that prevents confusing a minus with a plus. The adventure with Green Cell PowerBoost begins pleasantly at the very beginning.

Appearance, workmanship and materials

Weight (750 grams) and a solid case in a package with equally solid cables suggested that the Green Cell PowerBooster would be a powerbank made of premium materials, but in fact the manufacturer focused only on hard black plastic, which was broken by cutters, boldly guided edges and elements in a characteristic for Green Cell a shade of green. So it is definitely not a product for those who expect only a simple “block” in the form of a cuboid, because the manufacturer made his powerbank a bit more pleasant for the eye.

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However, you can be sure that even despite the ubiquitous plastic and rubber (on the buttons and four anti-slip pads), Green Cell PowerBoost is characterized by high durability and resistance to dust and splashes of IP64 class, as long as you care about pressing the plugs into their places.

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If we are already with them, on the lower edge of the PowerBoost from Green Cell we find three USB ports under the plug, and on the upper one – a powerful LED flashlight with 4 operating modes (3 brightness levels, 1 SOS mode) accompanied by a plug, this time protecting the slot for jumper cables . At the top, in turn, there are two buttons for the flashlight and functions management, as well as a simple display that indicates the charge level and operating mode.

Funkcje Green Cell PowerBoost

However, it is not the looks, but the functions of Green Cell PowerBoost that make the greatest impression. Let’s start with the fact that you do not have to be afraid when using this powerbank. All thanks to a number of protections, because against overheating, deep discharge and overcharging, short circuit, high or low temperature, or reverse connection of the clamps. These won’t even spark when you put them together. As for the operating temperature, it should not exceed -20 and 50 degrees Celsius.

In terms of the possibility of starting the car, you can count on up to 30 times of firing on a single charge. All you need to do is attach the clamps as if you were starting the car with the help of another, activate the appropriate mode, start the engine and disconnect it. Thanks to the high-quality circuits and the current handling up to a maximum of 2,000 amps, Green Cell PowerBoost is able to fire both 6-liter diesel and 8-liter gasoline engines, which clearly demonstrates its capabilities. However, if your battery dies completely, then the only salvation will be to use the aware mode, which requires more attention from you by removing several safeguards.

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Interestingly, in addition to emergency start, Green Cell PowerBoost also allows you to recharge the battery. Thanks to the rectifier function, you not only charge it when the powerbank is constantly connected to the mains, but only with the participation of its lithium-polymer cells after charging at that time. This makes this gadget a perfect power bank, but that’s not all it has to offer.

In addition to a robust flashlight with three power levels and an SOS mode, Green Cell PowerBoost can deliver a full 80 watts of power output simultaneously. All this thanks to the USB-C Power Delivery connector, which is able to provide as much as 60 watts of power and two USB-A, which together provide access to 20 watts at a time. One device (e.g. smartphone) will be charged with the power of 18 watts, but after connecting two at the same time, the maximum power will be equal to 10 W “per device” from the machine.

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Just charging 16,000 mAh lithium-polymer cells with a rated power of 10656 mAh (5V / 51.8 Wh) takes just over an hour, but with a suitable charger with a power of 60 watts, you will charge them to 80% in just 10 minutes. This is also what Green Cell impressed us, and on a daily basis it did great not only in the form of a solid powerbank, but also provided peace of mind at each frosty morning.

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Green Cell PowerBoost charges in accordance with the specifications, it does not heat up excessively, and when it comes to the possibility of charging, the smartphone with a 3750-mAh battery managed to charge almost four times. He is also not bothered by the problem of “vampirism” (after two weeks the charge was still 100%).

Test Green Cell PowerBoost – podsumowanie

For many, power banks are a necessity and it is hardly surprising. These portable energy sources have become even more popular than UPS, which is no surprise in the era of smartphones and “being everywhere”. However, the Polish company Green Cell went much further with PowerBoost, going completely beyond the standard framework of power banks, focusing more on drivers. Hence, not only the function of starting powerful engines, but also a rectifier, the presence of a solid flashlight to illuminate the darkness under the hood, or a whole lot of security features.

Unfortunately, this is associated with a high price, because you will have to pay 750 zlotys for Green Cell PowerBoost. For many, however, it will be an amount that will pay off in two ways – both in peace and in saving four letters in difficult situations. Especially that this powerbank also works well in the everyday, “non-car” lifestyle, although of course the price is so high due to these strictly car functions.

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