Crypto domains are selling at incredibly high prices

Crypto domains are selling at incredibly high prices

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have become very popular terms, and their use in web domains can be a profitable business. The opportunity was immediately exploited, and most of the addresses with reference names were purchased and are available for sale at very high prices.

Crypto domains are selling at incredible prices

For example, the owner of the site is asking for $ 10 million. In 2009, the site sold for just under $ 20,000 to a company that resold it in October 2017 for $ 2 million.

Currently, there is an extensive list of crypto domains for sale on various social media platforms. This includes ($ 12,000), ($ 1,000), ($ 30,000), ($ 20,000), ($ 10,000) and ( $ 12,000).

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As the popularity of cryptocurrencies increases, the names of the domains attached to this industry will follow the same path.

Bitcoin holds over $ 10,000 in weeekend

This week, Bitcoin remained above $ 10,000. During this time the rest of the cryptocurrencies began to have positive developments. Although price increases range from 1 to 5%, the fact that altcoins have finally started to grow is a positive signal.

Overall, the total market valuation is $ 269 billion, an increase of close to $ 10 billion as of Friday.

Bitmain orders 600,000 chips for mining equipment

With renewed optimism, Bitmain is increasing its investments in the crypto mining industry. The Chinese media reports that the mining hardware manufacturer has placed an order for 600,000 cryptocurrency extraction chips. As a result of this new investment, the company expects to make profits of over $ 1 billion.

Observers believe that the total computing power of the Bitmain network could increase by about 50% in the coming months. The company also has the potential to reach a valuation of $ 12 billion. A figure that comes despite the poor financial results from the first half of the year.

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Lightning Network loses momentum

Since its launch in 2016, the Lighning network has generated multiple controversies. Designed as a Bitcoin blockchain scaling network, LN is trying to facilitate low-speed, high-value transactions.

According to BitcoinVisuals, there are currently just under 10,000 functional LN nodes. The network capacity is about 850 bitcoin or about $ 9 million. This has declined in recent months, down from a peak of nearly 1100 Bitcoin in April this year.

As he also mentioned Vitalik Buterin, the problem with this type of off-chain solution is that it requires a lot of effort to build. Instead, it offers reduced opportunities to reward participants., the owner of most channels on the Lightning Network, has reported revenue of approximately $ 20 per month at present. In the context where the cost of opening a channel is about $ 1000, it is clear that participating in LN is not profitable yet.

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