“Guancha”: the decision of OPEC + delighted the Chinese

MOSCOW. Oct 7 – PRIME. OPEC+ will cut oil production despite clear opposition from the United States, according to the Guancha portal.

Analysts assessed the prospects for the oil market after the decision of OPEC +

On Wednesday, the OPEC + countries decided to reduce the production of “black gold” by two million barrels per day. This is the largest contraction since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, equivalent to about two percent of global oil demand.

Later it was reported that the administration of US President Joe Biden “rushed into battle.” As CNN reported, citing sources, Washington tried to dissuade the alliance countries from cutting oil production. However, the efforts of the American authorities did not bring results.

“Beauty, as if you are watching America eat dirt,” one of the readers of “Guanche”, an Statist, commented on the situation.

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Some readers noted that such a move demonstrated the loss of US influence on the world stage. “OPEC has announced to the world that not everything is decided by America. You can’t constantly obey someone else’s will! Oil-producing countries have no obligation to help Biden and company win the midterm elections, they have their own national interests!” Partcha from Jiangcheng said.

In China, they also expressed the opinion that OPEC decided to cut production against the backdrop of discussions by the West on the oil price ceiling. “If today you can limit the price of oil in Russia, then tomorrow you will limit the price of oil in other countries,” yueer99 explained.

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