Ethereum: Muir Glacier update activated

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As expected, the hardfork Muir Glacier was activated when switching to block number 9 200 000 of the blockchain Ethereum.

Announced last month for early January, Muir Glacier was finally deployed this morning on Ethereum.

The hardfork contains only one Improvement Proposal (PIA) to delay the difficulty bomb on the network Ethereum.

The Difficulty Bomb is a component of the Ethereum blockchain which gradually increases the difficulty of hashing on the network. Following the activation of Muir Glacier, it was delayed by 4 million blocks, the equivalent of about 600 days.

“Once the increase in the difficulty of the bomb is too great for the retargeting mechanism, it results in an increase in blocking times for the network. This leads to a deterioration in the usability ofEthereum because of waiting for confirmation of transactions and Dapps, because everything takes longer on the network, ” Explain Pooja Ranjan, founder ofEtherworld, in a blog post.

This is the third time that developers Ethereum perform this operation on the network.

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Muir Glacier follows the update istanbul – activated in December – which made it possible to deploy 6 improvement proposals (EIPs).