European sanctions brought Nord Stream to a halt, Peskov said

MOSCOW, 31 Aug — PRIME. The Kremlin saw Gazprom’s statement about stopping the work of Nord Stream for several days, the Europeans brought the suspension to a standstill with their own sanctions, said Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

The Germans were angry at the German authorities against the backdrop of the stop of the Nord Stream

“You know that one turbine is working there. There are routine maintenance that must be carried out until a certain time. There are problems with the performance of routine maintenance, Gazprom has also repeatedly explained this. Firstly, one turbine is working, all other turbines need to be repaired or repaired, but the mounted ones cannot be launched due to the fact that there is no legal registration,” he explained.

Peskov also added that the service maintenance of the turbines is carried out under British law.

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“Performed by a division of Siemens, which is located in the UK and works on American equipment. We are aware of the British sanctions against our country. Without proper legal guarantees that these sanctions will not apply, it is impossible to perform any manipulations with them. Then Yes, the Europeans brought this situation to a head, it was their own sanctions, their own sanctions,” he said.

According to Peskov, the Russian side and Gazprom “remain committed” to their obligations under the contract, but now they cannot fulfill due to restrictions and sanctions imposed by the EU, the UK and other countries.

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