Europeans predicted mass impoverishment and uncontrolled inflation

MOSCOW, August 31 – PRIME. The energy crisis in European countries, provoked by a shortage of energy resources against the backdrop of anti-Russian sanctions and record high prices, will lead to consequences from which residents of the countries of the region will not be able to “leave” on the experience of previous economic shocks, an expert, lecturer at the University of Liege, said in an interview with the French edition of Atlantico in Belgium and the Polytechnic Institute in Paris Damien Ernst.

The Germans were angry at the German authorities against the backdrop of the stop of the Nord Stream

After the winter, according to him, the situation is unlikely to improve: we should expect massive impoverishment of Europeans and uncontrolled inflation.

The interlocutor of the publication warned that in Belgium, on average, households will pay for electricity and gas about ten thousand euros per year. Such spending will inevitably lead to massive impoverishment of the population.

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“This will have economic consequences, especially for purchasing power, and lead to financial constraints,” he said.

Ernst also predicted blackouts. With such a jump in energy prices, an increase in inflation is inevitable.

“With such high gas prices, it will be impossible to control inflation,” he warned.

Very high inflation will completely destroy all the savings of the middle class, who do not invest in the stock market and who usually have only a few tens of thousands of euros in a bank account in addition to their real estate, the expert concluded.

After the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Western countries began to impose sanctions against Russia, in particular, on the purchase of energy resources. This led to a new round of rising energy prices in the region and a reduction in the supply of raw materials to the EU countries.

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