Franceinfo: The price of diesel in France rose by 10 euro cents in a week

PARIS, 10 Oct – PRIME. The price of diesel in France jumped by 10 euro cents over the past week amid a strike by energy company TotalEnergies, Franceinfo reports citing the country’s environmental ministry.

France’s TotalEnergies extends strike until Tuesday, media reported

The cost of diesel fuel in France has increased over the past week by an average of 10.79 euro cents, reaching 1.8035 euros per liter.

Petrol SP95-E10 rose by an average of 7.29 euro cents to 1.5914 euros per liter, while the price of Super SP95-E10 gasoline rose by 7 cents to 1.6440 euros per liter.

It is noted that the cost of diesel has returned to the level it reached at the end of August. The rise in fuel prices comes against the background of the TotalEnergies strike, which affected the work of gas stations.

As a RIA Novosti correspondent reported earlier, many hours of queues lined up on Monday at gas stations on a major highway near Paris due to strikes by TotalEnergies employees. Some gas stations did not have diesel fuel. Drivers complain that they have to wait for their turn for hours, and the French authorities and the United States are blamed for the energy crisis.

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Since September 27, a strike by TotalEnergies employees has continued in France demanding a 10% increase in wages, as well as wage indexation for 2022, taking into account record high inflation. The unions later announced an indefinite extension of the strike.

The strike, in particular, affected the largest refinery in France near the city of Le Havre in Normandy, as well as refineries in the communes of Feuzin and Donge, the biorefinery La Mede in the commune of Châteauneuf-lès-Martigues and the Grandpuy fuel storage facility.

France’s Energy Transformation Ministry said on Sunday that nearly 30% of the country’s gas stations were running low on at least one type of fuel.

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