From Software confirms it’s repairing Dark Souls PC servers

From Software confirms it's repairing Dark Souls PC servers

More than four months ago From Software decided to close the Dark Souls servers for PC after discovering a security issue where hackers could carry out remote access attacks on anyone else. Although the company promised a quick fix, it remained silent until today.

In an email sent to the media, the developer indicated that it continues to work on the process of restoring the series’ online services. “We plan to progressively restore online services for each game, recovering the Dark Souls 3 servers once we complete the necessary work to fix the problem.”the company said.

We will offer additional updates once the restoration schedule is finalized”, promises From Software The company’s message comes shortly after messages from the support system of Bandai Namco (the game’s distributor) indicated that all this was still being worked on.

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For now From Software does not provide a date, to finish the work

So far, it’s been over 120 days since the game’s servers went offline, and From Software has yet to provide a forecast on when this should be fixed. With the message published by the company, it seems that it is not prioritizing the release order of the titles, but rather their popularity within Steam.

On Steam, they removed the labels that indicated that the games in the franchise had online elements. With this, many players came to think that the developer had given up on her mission, preferring to focus her efforts on supporting Elden Ring.

The message published by From Software still leaves many doubts about the future of Dark Souls on PCbut it shows that the company is already far enough along in the restoration process to release more details to the public.

Fuente: PCGamer

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