Germany discussed the Nord Stream incident with partners

MOSCOW, 28 Sep — PRIME. Germany is in close contact with its Danish and Swedish partners in connection with the accident on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines, the country’s Federal Network Agency said.

The Foreign Ministry called Biden to account because of the threats against Nord Stream

“The Federal Ministry of the Interior, as well as the department responsible for security and protection against sabotage, are in close contact with the German security authorities, as well as with their Danish and Swedish partners, about these events,” the release said.

According to the regulator, incidents on gas pipelines will not affect Germany’s energy security. The agency noted that since the beginning of September, gas has not been supplied via Nord Stream, and Nord Stream 2 has not been put into operation.

At the same time, the filling of German gas storage facilities continues, the agency stressed. “The overall level of their filling in Germany is 91.43%. The level of gas storage in Rehden is 75.77%,” the regulator said.

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It is also noted that in September in the European gas infrastructure, for example, in Belgium and Norway, numerous repairs will be carried out. According to the assessment of the Federal Grid Agency, based also on information from market participants, the maintenance work will not affect the security of energy supplies in Germany.

The temporary decrease in gas flows associated with the repair work will be partially compensated from other sources, the ministry said.

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